Sabak Ishq Ka Web Series 2023 Now Streaming on Ullu

The realm of online web series has opened the doors for creative storytelling. Ullu, a popular digital platform, has been known for bringing some enthralling web series to its audience, and it’s ready to release another one – Sabak Ishq Ka Web Series.

Scheduled to premiere on 19 September 2023, the web series boasts the talent of Love Preet Kaur and Anita Jaiswal as its leading stars. Guiding the series with his directorial touch is Himanshu Brahmbhatt. The diverse cultural palette of India ensures that the series will be available in HindiTamil, and Telugu, catering to a wide audience base.

Navigating a Complicated Love Triangle – The Story

At its heart, Sabak Ishq Ka isn’t just another romance tale. It’s a complex exploration of modern relationships. Set in a seemingly ordinary backdrop of a student’s life, the story presents a twist when a student finds himself being drawn to his tutor. Love is a complicated emotion, more so when it gets tangled in a triangle. The plot thickens when the teacher’s daughter is captivated by the allure of this very student. The intertwining relationships and the ripple effects it creates form the crux of the narrative.

Sabak Ishq Ka Web Series Episode Breakdown

For those eager to dive into the narrative, here’s a glimpse of the episodes to satiate your curiosity:

  1. Sabak Ishq Ka Episode 1 – Bad in School: Where It All Begins.
  2. Sabak Ishq Ka Episode 2 – Love Struck Teenagers: The heart acknowledges what the mind may yet deny.
  3. Sabak Ishq Ka Episode 3 – In Love?: The beginning of introspection and realization.

Meet the Stellar Cast

Ensuring the series remains captivating are its remarkable actors:

  • Love Preet Kaur: An emerging talent, her portrayal promises to be a mix of depth and charm.
  • Anita Jaiswal: Known for her nuanced performances, she brings gravity to the role.
  • Alendra Bill: Another key character, ensuring the storyline remains engaging.

How to Watch Sabak Ishq Ka Web Series

For those who are new to the Ullu platform or regular patrons, here’s a guide to watching the series:

  1. Navigate to the official Ullu website or download the Ullu app on your preferred device.
  2. Sign in using your phone number or register if you’re a first-time user.
  3. Choose from a variety of subscription plans tailored to your watching habits: Rs. 99 for 10 days, Rs. 180 for a month, Rs. 297 for 4 months, or Rs. 450 for a full year.
  4. Post successful payment, access to the complete Ullu content library is yours.
  5. To start with Sabak Ishq Ka, simply type “Sabak Ishq Ka Part 1” in the search bar.
  6. Locate the series poster and click on the “Watch Now” button. Voila! Dive into the world of romance and drama.

Sabak Ishq Ka Web Series Details

  • Title: Sabak Ishq Ka
  • Season: 1
  • Part: 1
  • OTT Streaming Platform: Ullu App
  • Episode Duration: 25-30 minutes
  • Release Date: 19 September 2023
  • Languages Available: Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu

Sabak Ishq Ka Web Series Trailer

Credit: YouTube


With its captivating storyline and a talented ensemble cast, Sabak Ishq Ka promises to be more than just another web series. It’s an exploration of modern relationships, love triangles, and the societal implications that come with it. As Ullu continues to release engaging content for its viewers, this series stands as a testament to its commitment to quality entertainment. So mark your calendars for 19 September 2023, and be ready to be mesmerized by this tale of love and complications.

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