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If you are a fan of captivating drama and mystery, then the newly released Hindi web series “Vashikaran Web Series” is a must watch for you.

This intriguing series stars a stellar cast including Bharti Jha, Soni Jha and Ekta More in lead roles. With an initial offering of three episodes, “Vashikaran” is now available to watch exclusively on the Woow app.

Unveiling the Plot

The story of “Vashikaran web series” revolves around the life of two married women. Against the backdrop of a momentous life event, these women find themselves increasingly drawn into the realm of black magic and witchcraft.

The events that unfold after her entry into the mystical world form the cornerstone of the series’ plot.

Stellar Cast

The Vashikaran web series boasts an impressive cast that brings the story to life:

  • Bharti Jha
  • Soni Jha
  • Ekta More

A Glimpse of the Episodes

The series is structured around three gripping episodes, each offering a unique perspective on the journey of the protagonists:

  1. Vashikaran Episode 1 – Tragedy: The series kickstarts with a tragic event that sets the tone for the unfolding mystique.
  2. Vashikaran Episode 2 – Dabbling in Dark Arts: As the intrigue deepens, the characters find themselves venturing into the enigmatic world of dark arts.
  3. Vashikaran Episode 3 – Too Deep into Darkness: The plot escalates as the characters find themselves immersed in darkness beyond their imagination.

How to Watch Vashikaran Web Series on Woow App

Are you ready to embark on this mesmerizing journey? Here’s how you can watch “Vashikaran” web series online through the Woow app:

  • Download the Woow app from your Play Store or App Store.
  • Sign in with your existing credentials or create a new account.
  • Choose a subscription plan and complete the payment process.
  • Search for “Vashikaran” within the app.
  • Click on the series poster and hit the “WATCH” button to stream all the latest episodes.

You also have the option to visit the official Woow website to access the “Vashikaran” web series online.

Series Overview

For a comprehensive look at the details surrounding the “Vashikaran” web series, take note of the following:

  • Series Title: Vashikaran
  • Season: 1
  • Part: 1
  • Type: Web Series
  • Streaming Platform: Woow
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Date: Anticipated in August 2023


Vashikaran web series invites viewers to explore a world where mysticism intertwines with human drama. With its compelling storyline and remarkable cast, this series is poised to captivate audiences across the nation. So, don’t miss out on the chance to witness the unfolding of dark secrets and bewitching tales.

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