A Spectacular Start to the Iconic Sequel With 40 Crores

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 1: In an astonishing turn of events, Gadar 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the iconic Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, has taken the domestic box office by storm on its first day of release. Directed by the talented Anil Sharma, this film revives the captivating saga of Tara Singh, masterfully portrayed by the legendary Sunny Deol, and Sakeena, played by the exceptional Ameesha Patel. Set against the backdrop of the India-Pakistan war of 1971, Gadar 2 has left audiences spellbound with its captivating performances, resonating dialogues, and the unforgettable imagery of the hand pump.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 1

Impressive Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 1

Gadar 2’s astounding success is reflected in its remarkable day one earnings. According to reliable sources at Sacnilk.com, the film has amassed an impressive ₹40 crore net within India. This staggering opening day collection speaks volumes about the widespread anticipation and excitement surrounding this much-awaited sequel. The movie brilliantly showcases the indomitable spirit of Tara Singh and Sakeena amidst the turbulent events of the Crush India Movement – a historical period that still echoes in the memories of the nation.

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The Glorious Return

After a prolonged wait, the Gadar franchise has triumphantly returned, with Gadar: Ek Prem Katha having been released 23 years ago. The original film, narrating the poignant love story of Tara Singh and Sakina, profoundly touched the hearts of millions and emerged as a box office sensation in 2001. Gadar 2 magnificently carries forward this legacy, delving deeper into the intricate narrative and exploring the dynamic relationship between India and Pakistan.

Unforgettable Performances and Moments

The cinematic brilliance of Gadar 2 shines through the outstanding performances delivered by the cast. Sunny Deol, reprising his role as Tara Singh, delivers a powerhouse portrayal that resonates deeply with the audience. Ameesha Patel’s portrayal of Sakeena adds depth and emotion to the character, forging a strong connection with viewers. Additionally, Utkarsh Sharma’s introduction as Charan Jeet Singh – Tara Singh’s son – embarks on a perilous journey into Pakistan, adding a layer of intensity to the narrative.

A Riveting Tale of Courage and Patriotism

At the core of Gadar 2 lies an exemplary depiction of courage, love, and patriotism. As tensions between India and Pakistan escalate, Lieutenant Colonel Devendra Rawat, portrayed by the talented Gaurav Chopra, seeks Tara Singh’s assistance in a mission of great importance. This mission propels the storyline into a thrilling sequence, where Tara and his comrades confront formidable adversaries. With each twist and turn, Tara’s encounter with Major General Hamid Iqbal, masterfully portrayed by Manish Wadhwa, takes center stage, culminating in a breathtaking climax that will leave audiences riveted.

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Sunny Deol’s Perspective

Sunny Deol, embodying the spirit of Tara Singh, shared his thoughts on the film with news agency ANI, stating, “Gadar 2 flawlessly carries forward the legacy of its iconic predecessor. It is a blessing to be able to reintroduce one of India’s most beloved family films. At its core, this film will always be an inspiring epic story of love, courage, and patriotism. I hope the world welcomes Tara and Sakina once again with open arms.”


Gadar 2 box office collection day 1 of ₹40 crore net stands as a testament to its enduring legacy and its captivating storytelling, which has enthralled audiences. As the film reignites the spirit of the original while exploring new dimensions, it serves as a befitting tribute to the courage and resilience of its unforgettable characters.

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