Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi Engage in a Conversation with Society

OMG 2 Movie Review: In an intriguing twist of fate, the dynamic duo of Manoj Bajpayee and Pankaj Tripathi, who played bitter rivals in the 2012 cinematic masterpiece “Gangs of Wasseypur,” have both taken center stage in courtroom dramas this year. These thought-provoking narratives delve into Hinduism’s intricacies to address societal concerns. While Bajpayee’s performance in “Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai” (available on ZEE5) offers a robust and earnest portrayal, Tripathi brings a unique touch to his character in “OMG 2.”

His approach remains consistent, drawing inspiration from mythological narratives to hold a manipulative godman accountable. Nevertheless, Tripathi infuses his role with a comedic tenderness that is unmistakably his own. From references to ancient texts like Kamasutra, Khajuraho, and Panchatantra, he presents his case with a serene smile and a soothing demeanor. Even when he occasionally raises his voice during court proceedings, it elicits laughter from the audience.

“OMG 2” is a sequel to the 2012 hit film “OMG – Oh My God!” that effectively mocked the hypocrisy surrounding organized religion. The original movie featured stalwarts like Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, and Mithun Chakraborty. While Rawal and Chakraborty, both former parliamentarians, are absent from the sequel, Kumar reprises his role with his trademark charisma. Govind Namdev also makes a courageous return to the screen.

However, the sequel’s focus shifts from religion to a more contemporary issue: sex education in schools. This thematic transition prompted the filmmakers to pursue a UA (Universal Adult) certificate. Interestingly, the censor board, displaying its discretion, ordered substantial alterations, leading to the movie earning an ‘A’ (Adult) rating. Additionally, reports suggest that Kumar’s character was reimagined from Lord Shiva to a divine ‘messenger,’ a decision perhaps influenced by an existing franchise with a similar concept and a character who is a convicted criminal.

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In “OMG 2,” the courtroom becomes a stage for societal discourse, where the boundaries of tradition and progressiveness collide. The film’s thought-provoking narrative challenges conventional norms and encourages audiences to contemplate the need for comprehensive sex education within the educational system. With Akshay Kumar’s unwavering screen presence and Pankaj Tripathi’s endearing humor, the movie navigates through serious subjects while maintaining a lighthearted undertone.

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In conclusion, “OMG 2” is a testament to the evolving landscape of Indian cinema, where impactful storytelling merges with entertainment. The performances of Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, both seasoned actors, breathe life into their respective characters, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. As society grapples with multifaceted challenges, this film serves as a catalyst for conversations that are essential for progress and change.

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