Harkara Movie (2023) – Cast, Story, OTT, Trailer, Release Date

Harkara is an upcoming Tamil period film, which sets in the year 1990s. Ram Arun Castro is directing the film, which is produced under Kalorful Beta Movement. This is yet another promising product from the makers of the ‘ V1 Murder Case‘. This film is based on the story of India’s first postman.

The film was already made as a short film with the title ‘The Mail Runner – ஓட்டத்தூதுவன் 1854’.

Release Date

The makers will soon announce the release date once the film got its final stage. As of now, the shoot is in its initial phase.

Harkara Cast

  • Ram Arun Castro
  • Kaali Venkat

What Is Harkara?

Gagan Harkara, also known as Gagan Chandra Dam, was a postman. Gagan worked at the Shilaidaha post office in Bengal in the year 1990s. He was known for his Baul songs and traditional music. His baul songs became favorites for the great poet Rabindra Nath Tagore, the Bengali poet and writer. Tagore’s most famous “Amar Shonar Bangla” and “Ami Kothay Pabo Tare” were inspired by Gagan’s music. Gagan was a fan of Tagore’s writings. Gagan Died in 1910, but his legacy continues till 2023.

Story & Genre

Harkara means a runner who carried mail, in simple terms. This Tamil movie will give you a visualization of Gagan’s life journey.

Harkara – Quick View

Writer & Director Ram Arun Castro
Producer N A Ramu
Saravanan Ponraj
Genre Historical Drama
Cast Kaali Venkat
Ram Arun Castro
Music Ram Shanker
Cinematographer Philip R Sundar
Lokesh Elangovan
Editor Dani Charles
Production Company Kalorful Beta Movement
Release date 2023
Language Tamil

First Look Of Harkara

Harkara Movie

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