Viral Video of Semicossyphus Reticulatus

The trending video of a giant fish seems like an animated fish patiently waiting for seafood from a man underwater. He is treating the predator fish as a pet, and the fish is so cool. At the end of the video, the fish loses its patience and finally gets its food from the man. And surprisingly, the face of the fish looks like a distorted human face. It is “Semicossyphus reticulatus”, one of the largest species of wrasse found in the western Pacific Ocean.

Semicossyphus reticulatus otherwise known as Asian Sheepshead or Kobudai commonly known as the giant sea bass, belongs to the family Polyprionidae. It is the largest known bony fish found in California waters, with adults capable of creating up to 7 feet and weighing as much as 600 pounds. And it is on the list of endangered species due to overfishing.

Semicossyphus Reticulatus

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