The Legal State of Online Gambling and Casinos in New Zealand

Gambling has always been controversial. Since the laws surrounding the matter tend to be enigmatic, this industry often succeeds in finding ways to expand its footprint in all demographics.

New Zealand is one of the recent targets of online gambling for many reasons. A lack of regulation and flexible laws has made this country an easy target for online casinos. If facts are to be believed, NZ’s unregulated online gambling space is projected to hit $600 million by 2025.

Here, we’ll break down the legal state of online casinos in New Zealand. In addition, the guide casts some light on the country’s stance on online gambling laws to get a clear perspective.

Are Online Gambling & Casinos Legal in New Zealand?

Kiwis are no longer untouched by the glamor of online gambling. This country has an extensive and active gambling community, enabling citizens to place bets on their favorite casino games and earn money.

The Gambling Act of 2003 is responsible for casinos and gambling activities in New Zealand. A person must be 18 to purchase a lottery ticket, participate in sports betting or have a day at horse races.

However, this restriction is slightly stretched for involvement in gambling. You need to be at least 20 to join a land-based casino in New Zealand. It’s worth noting that all gambling activities that fall outside the authority of this act, including online casinos, as illegal in New Zealand.

If we dig deeper into New Zealand’s legal code, we might conclude that international-based gambling sites are technically legal while no local online casinos can operate in the country. It means that local gamblers are free to place bets on international casinos operating within the country’s geographical boundaries.

The offshore websites targeting New Zealand are not subject to the country’s laws, regulations, or taxes, though they aren’t allowed to advertise. Technically speaking, only two companies, including the New Zealand Lottery Commission and TAB, are allowed to offer online gaming services to clients based in New Zealand.

Beyond this, the country’s gambling laws restrict the use of local gambling platforms. However, there’s still a ray of hope for Kiwis to cater to their gambling needs. New Zealand citizens can access offshore casinos (though not officially). Those who have recently stepped foot in the gambling universe can check out NZ casinos by TheLostGamer to get started.

Regarding popular online casino games in New Zealand, Kiwis love to spend hours playing pokies. It allows players to place small bets and win big if they hit the jackpot. Alongside Pokies, baccarat and blackjack are also gaining Kiwis’ attention, owing to their fair gameplay and lower house edge compared to other games.

Does New Zealand Assure Responsible Gambling?

Gambling has been in the blood of New Zealand culture for centuries, yet the legal gambling scene in the country is still ambiguous. Nonetheless, it’s a thriving industry and will somehow settle in this country if the government doesn’t step in to stem aggressive targeting from offshore providers.

However, it’s evident that New Zealand authorities have made peace with the fact that gambling has lucrative income-generation potential. Therefore, instead of frowning, this country has found a middle ground by placing specific restrictions on who can offer these services. It enables them to monitor the activity of such entities while ensuring they return parts of their profits to the economy.

With that being said, there’s no denying that gambling, whether land-based or online, brings inherent risks and financial losses. New Zealand authorities acknowledge these potential risks and regard them as something that needs to be addressed at the earliest.

But unfortunately, safeguarding Kiwis from scams and money frauds during online gambling is a little more complicated for the New Zealand government, as most portals fall outside the country’s laws and jurisdictions.

Also, the lack of legislation for online casinos in New Zealand means there’s no list of approved operators. Hence, it’s always suggested that users research the many options available to them and choose accordingly.

Refrain from falling prey to tempting bonuses and cash backs, and look for valid authorization before placing bets. Although offshore casinos operated in New Zealand aren’t licensed by the country’s laws, they must be authorized by any international gaming authorities, including the Malta Gaming Authority. 

Closing Words

Gambling has been a lucrative market over the years. However, the industry has shown unprecedented growth in recent years due to improved internet penetration rates and easy accessibility.

It’s no wonder that Kiwis love to indulge in online gambling, and they can place bets on international casinos at their own risk.

But, as a piece of advice, we suggest you make appropriate choices & read some tips for choosing a casino when selecting the gambling website and research before investing your money.

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