PinoyFlix: Latest Filipino Movies Online

PinoyFlix is one of the streaming platforms out there to access Filipino TV shows and movies. It also offers dramas, comedy clips, documentaries, reality shows, news programs, and more. This platform gives preference for Filipino content.

The site streams many renowned shows like “Ang Probinsyano,” “Halik,” “Goin Bulilit,” and more. Also, it has a bunch of live Tv channels, and we can keep up with the trend in all entertainment formats. Their content is really a trigger point for cinephiles.


Pinoy Flix works on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, hence viewers can watch shows anytime, anywhere. But you need to subscribe to a plan, and after subscribing, you can watch the shows in your comfort zone.

If you are a fan of Filipino shows, then Pinoyflix is for you! And the user interface is really cool, and no mess in the navigation part.

How Does Pinoyflix Work?

Even though the government bans such illegal sites, they keep finding a way to stream content in all possible ways. They will change their domain name often hence they become untraceable. They make money by placing illegal ads and unauthorized apps on the website. They need high website traffic to earn. Such illegal sites are operated mainly by an anonymous gang.

Pinoy Flix Latest Shows

These are the latest shows on the app.

  1. Girlfriend Na pwede Na
  2. Dirty Linen
  3. The Iron Heart
  4. Hearts On Ice
  5. Sapul
  6. Fast Talk with Boy Abunda
  7. Teen Clash
  8. AraBella
  9. Batabf Quiapo
  10. Stalkers
  11. Pantaza Laiya
  12. The Write One
  13. Underage
  14. Zero Kilometers Away
  15. Idol Philippines


Here are the latest movies on the app,

  • Pulau
  • Girlfriend Na Pweda Na
  • Sapul
  • Kampihan
  • Paupahan
  • Deleter
  • Domme
  • Salamat Daks
  • Mahal Kita, Beksman
  • An Inconvenient Love
  • Suki
  • Walang KaParis
  • Nightbird

Trending Content

The site triggers its users with some popular shows under Trending options. ‘Because I love you ‘ is the most popular one.

  1. Dirty Linen
  2. Under Age
  3. Mga Lihim Ni Urduja
  4. Kampihan
  5. Sekyu
  6. Because I love you.

PinoyFlix Domain


Pinoyflix Apk

There are no apps available on the play store or app store that leaks copyrighted content. Some websites have unauthorized apk that allows users to download the content for free of cost.

Pinoy Flix Alternatives

Few other apps also stream Filipino TV shows and all types of content.

Legal Alternatives for Pinoyflix

Can we have a look at some legal streaming apps as alternatives?

1. Netflix

Netflix has a lot of Filipino content, but we have to use a VPN to access shows from the Philippines. Netflix offers a versatile range in all the major languages and countries. Netflix originals came with English subtitles. Popular Filippino shows like Trese, The Hows of Us, Bawkaw, fan girl, and Buy Bust are top-rated shows available on Netflix.

2. iWantFC

This ABS-CBN content is packed with shows and offers a free version too. iWantFc is not just a streaming app, it allows users to pay bills, go shopping, and book tickets. To put it in a nutshell, iWantFc makes your life easy and will treat your entertainment thirst too. Also, iWantFC offers users the best discounts, rewards, and other benefits.

3. GMA Network

GMA-7 is a vast network in the Filippino demographic. It offers an extensive content library of Sports, Educational content, lifestyle, news, and entertainment in Filippino. GMA is a renowned network in the Philippines, and this network also has Radio, news, and International channels. It is a free service, but one must complete the registration to watch the content.

Illegal Alternatives for Pinoyflix

Like legal streaming alternatives, plenty of sites illegally stream Filippino content online. But, surprisingly, these kinds of sites come with free and Paid options.


Pinoy Movies Hub streams action, comedy, romance, horror, and age-restricted content. It also provides dubbed movies on the internet and much Filipino content. In addition, it illegally streams other Filippino shows, Arabella, The iron heart, Te Pantaxa, and Paupahan.

2. Pinoy Moviepedia

PinoyMoviepedia lets you watch all genre films and shows in Filippino. Pinoy movie pedia also categorizes all the contents under a heading. Even though this streaming is illegal, they are streaming in HD quality. Their content library also has several illegal contents.

3. Pinoy Movies

Pinoy Movies is loaded with Filippino content that has a categorized content library. Allowing users to choose the quality of the video is one of its ways to cover the audience.

Almost every site which operates based on piracy has the same type of content, and it seems like a single team handles all sites. Their user interface and the way they are classified are also the same.

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