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Sweet Tooth season 2 is an American web TV show based on the novel “Sweet Tooth” by Jeff LeMayo. The show is produced by the streaming service Netflix. The show is produced by Symbiotic Diaries.

The story in Sweet Tooth season 2 begins after a long search by non-humans and tells the story of a new love couple. In this, you will experience a musical world of angry people and righteous people of humanity. In this show, you will meet your favorite actors Vivek Oberoi, Neil Eddy, Stéphanie Laveau, and Advait.

The release date of Sweet Tooth season 2 has not been announced yet but speculations are rife that it will be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

A Basic Infomation About Sweet Tooth Season 2

A Basic Infomation About Sweet Tooth Season 2
Movie Name Sweet Tooth Season 2
Release Date 27 April
Language English, Hindi
Types Action
Written by Jeff LeMayo
produced by Netflix
Running time

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Cast or Character

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Cast or Character

The following actors play their respective characters in Sweet Tooth Season 2:

  • 1. Gus – Christian Converse
  • 2. Tomas – Stephane Marchant
  • 3. Birdie – Steven Betheid
  • 4. Dr. Singh – Aditi Shankar
  • 5. Amita – Amira Wani
  • 6. The Abbott Brothers – Neil Santee and W L Brown
  • 7. Jennifer – Syafali Shah
  • 8. Ava – Aliya Qazi
  • 9. Richard – Bob Balaban
  • 10. Ted – James Brolin
  • 11. Zak – Aaron Joshua Antony
  • 12. Bobby – Dhruv Sudhakarshan
  • 13. Nilam – Regina Lekha
  • 14. Beck – Ava Hevington-Whiteley
  • 15. Archer – Will Paltziervy
  • 16. Jamie – Neil Jensen

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Trailer and Story

“Sweet Tooth” is an American drama web series created by Jim Micallef and directed by Neeli Sharma, Sujata Dubey, Shabnam Gharibanwaz, and Amita Sweet. The series premiered on Netflix in June 2021 and was well-received by the audience. Indian actor Nando Kohli is also playing an important role in this series.

“Sweet Tooth” season 2 is now available on Netflix, and the trailer gives the guys a look at the new Avengers. In the second season, the journey of Gurudakshina (Armie Hummer) and Kid (Christian Converse) continues. They part ways and a lot has changed in the world.

This season we deal with an ordinary child in the face of a dire crisis in the United States. Because of the child’s natural nature, in which he is a human-deer mix, he is more

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Sweet Tooth Season 2 Review

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Review

Reviews for “Sweet Tooth” season 2 have been positive. This season also includes an exciting storyline and amazing visuals like the first season of the film. This season also the virus has developed in America and Sweet Tooth is also under its pressure.

As can be expected, this season too has stellar performances. Amazing actress Ripley Savings reprises her role. His talent is exposed throughout the series of films. This season also has a stellar performance by the newcomers. Stephen Dorff, Sana Ayub, and Dania Ramirez also play their roles well.

Season 2 brings new stories, new characters, new locations, and new problems to face. This experience can be amazing for new fans. The storyline of this season is not simple, but it is a lot of fun to watch.

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