PVR Cinemas Popcorn Price [UPDATED LIST 2023]

Apart from audio-visual quality, PVR Cinemas is known for its popular snack Popcorn. It is one of the most expensive regular snacks in the theatre. So, people have issues with exorbitant food and beverage prices in multiplexes. It is not mandatory for audiences to buy these items, but many moviegoers feel incomplete without consuming food and drinks while watching a film. The pricing of Popcorn will be altered regularly in PVR Cinemas.

PVR Popcorn price in Chennai was updated here.

Check out the updated price list of Popcorn in PVR Cinemas. (CHENNAI)

PVR Popcorn Price (Regular) Rs 270
PVR Popcorn Price (Medium) Rs 350
PVR Popcorn Price (Large) Rs 430

5ml of Extra butter costs Rs 20

pvr popcorn price

PVR Cinemas is located in 78 cities and has 900 screens in India. The popcorn rate in PVR Cinemas will be the same for all branches and mainly in Tier 1 cities.

Ajay Bijli is the Managing Director of the PVR Inox Limited. In the recent interaction, Mr. Bijili explained on why PVR popcorn is so expensive, “Expenses are a function of quality. When people feel they are happy with what they are getting, then they don’t complain. Earlier, single screens used to have one projection room, one sound system, foyers were never air-conditioned. When multiplexes came, capex shot up 4 to 6 times.

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