Teacher and Student Cemetery Video [Part 1 & 2] Goes Viral

A scandal video of a Teacher and student in a cemetery goes viral on the internet. The eight-minute clip from the Philippines is trending all over the world. The video was made available on many age-restricted websites.

According to sources, the incident was shot in the cemetery and it was released online in three parts. In the video, a girl student and a male teacher were seen involved in inappropriate physical activity. Part 1 shows the entry of the student and teacher into the cemetery, and part 2 shows some conversations between them. The girl student was seen wearing a school uniform with a pink mask, and the teacher with a sandal shirt.

It is illegal when teachers to have affairs or relationships with young students. Also, watching bold content online is also a crime; some telegram groups shares the link of teacher and student cemetery scandal video online; using banned websites to stream this viral video might harm your device.

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