Kitaab Ka Raaz Part 2 Web Series Episodes Online on Voovi

The second installment of Kitaab Ka Raaz web series is set to premiere online on the Voovi platform. After claiming good response for the first part series. The makers released Kitaab ka Raaz part 2 trailer for the series. It stars Ridhima Tiwari, Sana Sundhi, and Lucky Saini in vital roles. Watch Kitaab Ka Raaz part 2 series on Voovi from February 24, 2023.

Kitaab Ka Raaz Part 2 Series Voovi


The tale of the series revolves around a mystery book that has been read by two young women and they experience intriguing moments in their life.


Take a look at the main cast of the Kitaab Ka Raaz Part 2 web series,

Where to watch Kitaab Ka Raaz Part 2 Episodes?

Kitaab Ka Raaz is a Voovi original web series. The first part of the series is exclusively premiering on the Voovi app which grabs the viewer’s attention.

When is the web series available?

Kitaab Ka Raaz series part 1 started streaming from February 2023. It is currently available on Voovi.

Is there going to be a third part?

There is still no official update on Kitaab Ka Raaz part 3. However, after the audience’s reaction to the first part, a second one is more likely to happen in the future. Based on the sources, Kitaab Ka Raaz part 3 will be available soon on the official platform.

How to Watch Kitaab Ka Raaz Part 2 web series online

Kitaab Ka Raaz Part 2 is the new sequel of the web series from Voovi. This emerging platform has a number of stories and episodes in different genres. In order to Watch the Kitaab Ka Raaz part 2 series online, users must subscribe to the official platform.

To Watch the Kitaab Ka Raaz web series online, follow the simple steps below

  • Download the Voovi app on your phone or visit website.
  • Log in with your Voovi account, if not sign up using your phone number.
  • Now, click the Kitaab Ka Raaz series poster to watch all episodes online.
  • The platform allows subscribers to download Kitaab Ka Raaz part 2 web series episodes for offline viewing.

Note: People can also watch the first 4 episodes for free by signing up for Voovi. Its price starts from just Rs.99

Kitaab Ka Raaz Series Details

Check out the complete details on the Kitaab Ka Raaz part 2 web series 2023,

Name: Kitaab Ka Raaz (2023)
Part: 02
Episodes: 1-4
Type: Web Series
Online Video Platform: Voovi
Language: Hindi
Streaming Date: February 2023

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