Money Heist Berlin Web Series on Netflix: Trailer | Release Date Announced

Money Heist Berlin is the most awaited crime thriller spin-off series from Netflix. Created by by Alex Pina. It is a prequel to the Money Heist, which claimed millions of global fans and audiences. This new sreies is written by Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina. After the Netflix announcement, fans are eagerly awaiting for the series that has intriguing heist portions. Pedro Alonso with the fictional character Andrés de Fonollosa (Berlin) plays a titular role. Watch the Money Heist Berlin web series in December, exclusively on Netflix.

Money Heist Berlin Netflix


Here are some of the main cast with characters of the Money Heist Berlin series,

  • Pedro Alonso as Berlin (Andrés de Fonollosa)
  • Álvaro Morte as Professor (Sergio Marquina)

What Is The Plot Of Money Heist Berlin Netflix Series?

Berlin is a prequel to the Money Heist series. It portrays the titular character’s life and how he gets into the big robbery and forces. The deadly mastermind (Pedro Alonso) and professor team up for the grand heist. The creator Álex Pina reported that the series will be a whole entertaining package with full of humour.

Money Heist Berlin will be a trip through the golden age of the character, with robbing moments in Europe and crazy love on another end.

What is The Release Date Of Money Heist Berlin Series?

According to reports, the Money Heist Berlin will hit the screens in December this year. The makers will drop the regular update of the series.

How Many Episodes Does The Money Heist Berlin Series Have?

Based on the sources, Money Heist Berlin Season 1 (Netflix series) will have a total of eight episodes with a duration of 52 minutes (approx).

Money Heist Berlin Season 1

  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 1
  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 2
  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 3
  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 4
  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 5
  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 6
  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 7
  • Money Heist Berlin Episode 8


Watch the Money Heist teaser and trailer will be updated near future.

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