10 Movies That Will Challenge You

If you’re looking for an easy way to pass the time, I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to be here. This isn’t a list of movies that are easy or fun—they’re all challenging. They push us as viewers and make us think about what we see on screen in new ways. So if you’re one of those people who would rather watch something on Netflix than get out of bed in the morning (and please don’t let me judge), then this might be just the thing for you! Here are my top picks for movies that challenge our preconceptions about life.

1. The Irishman (2019) – Martin Scorsese

The Irishman is a biopic of mob hitman Frank Sheeran, who was played by Robert De Niro in the film. Directed by Martin Scorsese, it stars Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa and Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito.

This movie follows the story of Sheeran from his early days through his life as an assassin for the Gambino crime family until his death. In addition to being an interesting character study about how people can change over time (and what happens when they don’t), The Irishman also serves as a great example of how films can challenge viewers’ perceptions about certain topics or issues while still maintaining entertainment value.

2. Inception (2010) – Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan’s Inception is a great movie for anyone who has ever struggled with their own dreams or who has had a hard time sleeping. It’s about Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), a thief who specializes in planting ideas in the minds of others so he can steal them. When Cobb gets caught up in an elaborate plot that involves him infiltrating several levels of reality, his mind starts to break down as he does everything possible to keep secrets from leaking out.

This film is one of Nolan’s best works and will challenge you on many levels—not just because it deals with some heavy themes like identity theft and corporate espionage but also because it can be difficult to follow along while watching it!

3. I Trapped the Devil (2019) – Josh Lobo

“I Trapped the Devil” is an American horror movie produced, written, and edited by Lobo that will challenge you. Its famous stars were Scott Poythress, A. J. Bowen, Susan Theresa Burke, Chris Sullivan, etc.

Matt and his wife paid a sudden visit to his brother Steve to reunite their family at the upcoming Christmas event. But they soon learned that Steve claims he has a devil whom he hostage in his basement. But there was nothing; it was paranoia of Steve which he firmly believed.

4. Colossal (2016) – Nacho Vigalondo

This movie is about a female writer who discovers that she can control a monster. It’s a lot more than just a monster movie, though—it’s also about how to find meaning in life and how we can be in control of our own lives.

Colossal is not your typical “monster” movie; instead, it focuses on two main characters: Anne Hathaway’s Gloria Foster and Jason Sudeikis.  Gloria has lost her job and has also been kicked out of her boyfriend’s life, and eventually, she returns to his old hometown where she spent her time with Oscar. At the same time, she listened: A giant monster comes flying down from space and lands on top of downtown Seoul! She thought he had an assembly with that monster and wanted to save the world.

5. Battle of the Sexes (2017) – Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton

The Battle of the Sexes is a 2017 sports drama film directed by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton. It stars Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs. The film focuses on the 1973 tennis match between King and Riggs, which took place during what is now known as The Battle of the Sexes. It also follows their lives after that event, which have been studied extensively by historians since then.

It was the time when women were demanding equality and Billie was one of them. Finally, she got what she wanted, and the film became highly viewed by crossing 90 million views.

6. The Milky Way (1969) – Luis Bunuel

The Milky Way is a 1970 film by Luis Bunuel, set in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. It tells the story of Laurent Terzieff, Delphine Seyrig, Paul Frankeur, and Michel Piccoli, and they searched for the truth. The story is about a pilgrimage where two vagabond travelers are struck by many unpleasant incidents. The aim of their pilgrimage travel was to escape from life’s reality and hardships. It highlights the Christian culture of the last two thousand years. The story also moves around a spiritual quest and plot in France.

The struggle between these two characters for the truth plays out over several years as they attempt to shape into their own image while simultaneously trying to convince themselves that they’re doing so without destroying themselves in the process—a conflict that mirrors many real-life conflicts between people who express narrow-minded beliefs about religion or sexuality without taking into account other important factors like love and respect for one another’s differences rather than enforcing conformity through force. In other words: tough stuff!

7. Knives Out (2019) – Rian Johnson

Knives Out is a murder mystery that stars Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, and Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s directed by Rian Johnson and based on a short story by Agatha Christie. The film gained high popularity in 2019’s films and was considered one of the top ten films by the National Board of Review and in 2021 Netflix paid $469 to purchase two pieces, Knives Out Mystery as well as Glass Onion.

The movie follows the death of famous novelist Harlan Thrombey who was found dead after his 85th birthday. The investigation was done by Detective Benoit Blanc, who finally was able to reveal the truth behind the novelist’s death.

8. Wonder Woman (2017) – Warner Bros

Wonder Woman is a 2017 superhero film directed by Warner Bros and written by Allan Heinberg. The story begins when a pilot crashes on Paradise shores, where Diana lives. The Amazon princess named Diana leaves her home on Paradise Island to end the war which was carried outside the world, and during that journey, she will explore her potential and real power and her actual destiny.

9. Fight Club (1999) – David Fincher

Fight Club is a 1999 American dark comedy film directed by David Fincher, based on Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 novel of the same name. It stars Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter.

The film tells the story of an unnamed narrator (Norton) who starts a fight club as a way to deal with his depression and isolation from society. As the narrator becomes more involved with his “club”, it begins to grow into something much larger than originally intended—a cult-like phenomenon that takes on an entire city in its wake.

10. The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a 2019 American horror film directed by Robert Eggers. It stars Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, and Matthew Goode. The story is about the two brothers who belong to nineteenth-century Wickes. They stayed in a lighthouse after a storm, and it is all about psychological thriller and the survival of the two.

How to Watch

Movies that challenge you are a great way to grow as a person. They help you think differently, and they can lead you to new ideas and ways of thinking about things.

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Challenging movies aren’t just for adults; kids should also be allowed to watch these challenging movies because they’re so important! Kids will learn how to solve problems and make their own decisions, which will help them become more independent adults in the future.

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