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So friends, you must be fond of films! That’s why you are searching AFilmyHit Telugu Hindi Dubbed on Google. But maybe you do not know how heavy this search can be for you? Read this article till the end and know how dangerous AFilmyHit is and why it is so famous?

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In this article, we will talk about how AFilmyHit provides Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movies and is it right or wrong to download movies from this site? Please read this article as there are very important points which we need to understand clearly. If not, then you must be doing something wrong, so today we are going to bring you real and honestAFilmyHitHave brought the review section.

Friends, although there are many sites in India that do piracy, AFilmyHit is also one of them, it also illegally uploads any Bollywood, Hollywood, South, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujrati in its site. Or makes English movies available illegally on its site.

Friends, although stealing other’s content is a crime, but don’t know why people commit such a crime. Talk about movie piracy, it is a legal offense and a law has also been made in India for this, under which such sites are either taken down or blocked again and again.

But even after doing this, these sites come with new domains in Google and they are blocked again and again. So let’s know how AFilmyHit Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movies site works and who are the people behind it.

What is AFilmyHit 2023?

Now, first of all we need to know that thisAFilmyHitWhat is? Because its name is so ridiculous, many people do not understand it, but who knows what this name is for, knowing its meaning well.

This is a piracy site that does piracy of movies. In this site, Bollywood, Hollywood, South, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujrati or English films are made available illegally without the permission of their owner, which is illegal.

After that, instead of watching these movies in the cinema hall, people start watching them by downloading them in their mobiles itself, due to which there is a lot of loss to the filmmakers. But this is not the only site that does such work, there are many such sites in the internet that do such work. And for this they are also blocked for this from time to time.

If we only talk about AFilmyHit, no one knows who owns it and where does it operate from? These people do this work secretly. They are banned by the government again and again but these people come again and again with different domains, causing a lot of loss to the real filmmakers.

Why is AFilmyHit so popular?

Now you yourself know this thing that if any person gives anything for free, then he will be popular, right? AFilmyHit is popular because it makes new movies available on its site for free and that’s why people visit such sites a lot when they come to know about it.

But people do not know how dangerous it can be because both piracy and watching pirated content are illegal. This means that if you visit such sites then you may have to face difficulties.

If we talk about its daily search that it is so popular on Google that it is searched hundreds of times per second. We google trends data Put it below so you can see how popular it is.

AFilmyHit Google Trend Data

Why is AFilmyHit banned?

Friends, since both participating in piracy and doing piracy are against the law because it causes a lot of loss to the original producers, therefore, a law has been made on it called the Film (Amendment) Bill 2019, according to which –

Copying, piracy or making a copy of any film or any part thereof on digital medium has been made punishable with imprisonment of up to three years and a fine of up to ten lakh rupees for those who commit such offences.

On the basis of this law, sites like AFilmyHit are banned again and again, but these people also create their own sites with new domain names and do their work again and again and they are banned again, thus this work goes on. lives.

AFilmyHit Block Domain List 2023

As I told that such sites are made by the government again and again and it comes again and again with new domain names, then we have given below some such AFilmyHit domain names which were banned in 2023.

AFilmyHit Block Domain List 2023

Some Features of AFilmyHit

Friends, it is true that no one can become popular without doing something.AFilmYHit Given are some of the features of Movies that make it such a popular website.

  • first of all,AFilmyHitProvides access to free downloadable content.
  • On this you get a very good collection of Movies and TV Series in different Genres and Languages.
  • not only downloads but also lets you watch videos online.
  • this websiteAFilmyHitBut searching for movies is very easy because its homepage is very well designed.

AFilmyHit latest movies

See, if you want to watch a movie, then go to the official site at the first opportunity and watch all these illegal sites, do not put yourself in trouble because this is an illegal site, so it is illegal to download or watch movies in any way. Go to the official site and watch as many movies as you want.

AFilmyHit has got hold of some of the best movies right now which are Kantara, Brahmastra, KGF 2, RRR, Vikrant Rona, Ram Setu, India Lockdown etc. Due to which their makers have suffered a lot.

Telugu Movie 2023

Sites like AFilmyHit often take Telugu Movie in their prey, due to which they suffer a lot. Telugu Movie is very good and is also very popular in India, so these people target Telugu Movies more.

But then we will say the same thing that if you want to watch movies, then watch them from their official platform and not from such illegal sites, because of this you can get into a lot of trouble.

AFilmyHit की Video Quality

  • 360q
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • DVDrip
  • MKV

What kind of movies does AFilmyHit prey on?

On AFilmyHit you will get to watch movies in many languages. Below we have told you about the categories present on AFilmyHit 2023-

Bollywood Movie Hollywood Movie
New Bollywood Movie Bhojpuri Movie
South Movie TV Series
Sport Family Show
South Hindi Dubbed Comedy Movie
Tamil Movie Malayalam Movie
Panjabi Romance
Old Movie Marathi Movie
Anime WWE Shows
Kids Movie Hollywood Dubbed Movie
Tamil Dubbed Movie Drama
War Serial Web Series
Children Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie

AFilmyHit : Download All Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, South Hindi Dubbed Movies

What is is very similar to Filmyzila. It is used as an alternate option for this because sometimes the server of the website slows down due to the large number of visitors on the website. is just a domain extension, which because its sites are repeatedly banned, it repeatedly reaches people with new names.

What is is also a domain name that belongs to AFilmyHit, these people take all the extensions together so that when one is banned, they transfer their site to another.

Is it safe to watch movies from AFilmyHit?

AFilmyHit is a torrent website that uploads pirated copies of original content on its website, and attracts users to download and stream movies online for free, due to which a large number of people download movies. Which is completely illegal.

If you do not have this information, then let me tell you that movies downloaded from such sites can also contain some virus in your device which can save your mobile, laptop or computer.

So please stay away from them because if you go to cinema to watch movie then it will cost maximum 1000 rupees but if you download movie from torrent sites then you may have to lose your device also.

How does AFilmyHit work?

guys this is a very good questionAFilmyHitHow does it work, so let me tell you that such a website cannot be run by only one person, for this there is a whole team that does this work. What do these great people do that when a film is released, after its release, they bring that film to them by adopting various tricks.

And after doing this he can put it on his websiteAFilmyHitBut they release it for free. Which is absolutely useless work, friends, because you yourself think that the filmmakers have made so much hard work and such people make that film available for free.

So the money invested by the filmmakers sinks into it because if the film made by them becomes available for free then how will they earn money? Because it takes crores of rupees to make a film.

Is AFilmyHit an illegal website?

Yes, there is nothing to think that this website is illegal because this website uploads content wrongly on its website without any creator’s permission, so this website is illegal and also considered as a crime by the law. There is also a special law for this.

AFilmyHit website is legal or illegal?

friends maybe peopleAFilmyHitLove the website as there is no cost or any money to download it. It is a piracy site, which makes copy material of many movies for the customers.

Let us tell you that any movie can be secretly downloaded from here and can be downloaded and watched. Piracy of a movie is wrong as piracy causes a lot of loss to the filmmakers and cannot be considered legal in any way.

AFilmyHit website is one type of website which uploads movies illegally on its website and gives many people a chance to download it for free. For information, let us tell you that using this website is not legal.

Piracy of movies is a crime under Indian law. If someone is caught then strict action can be taken against him. Piracy is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act 1957. The public should be aware of piracy so that they should be careful with it.

About sites like AFilmyHit-

AFilmyHit 2023 : Download All Latest Bollywood, Hollywood, South Hindi Dubbed Movies free

Legal Alternatives Website to 2023

It is the best way to watch or download movies online legally. Many websites and apps legally provide both free and paid movies on the internet. Some of which are as follows:-

mxplayer (mx player)

Mxplayer is an app that provides free mobile TV, movies, web shows. On which movies and free web series are available in different languages. Apart from this, you can also enjoy online music on this app. TV shows, web series, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati and Hindi dubbed movies are available on this app, which you can watch or download absolutely free of cost without spending a single penny.


Voot is one of the best apps to watch and download live movies. In this, you can watch live TV shows, news, cartoons, movies absolutely free. Voot is one of the best apps to watch live movies and download them offline. This app is available in different genres and languages. It has a huge collection of movies that can be viewed online. TV shows can be downloaded for offline viewing.


Zee5 is a good option to watch free mobile movies online. But it is a premium app whose monthly fee starts from just Rs.49. Now in the case of free entertainment, this fee is not very high. On this app you can watch movies and TV shows absolutely free on which premium is not written.

popcornflix (Popcornflix)

popcornflix tooAFilmyHitMovies are a great alternative. The app also has a huge collection of movies, web series and TV shows. There is no monthly fee required to watch or download movies on it. And as soon as you connect yourself to the site, you can start watching movies.


Netflix is ​​an American subscription streaming service and production company. Launched on August 29, 1997, it offers distribution deals as well as a film and television series through its own production, known as Netflix Originals.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, or simply Prime Video, is an American subscription video streaming platform that is Amazon’s on-demand over-the-top streaming and rental service offered as a standalone service or as part of Amazon’s Prime membership. Is performed. is done.

Disney Hotstar

Hotstar is India’s largest digital platform used to watch TV shows, movies, news and live sports matches online. Like Netflix, Hotstar also allows users to download movies, TV shows and provides videos. Hotstar is headquartered in Mumbai (Maharashtra).

Sony Liv

SonyLIV is an Indian over-the-top freemium streaming platform owned by Culver Max Entertainment. SonyLIV was introduced in 2013 as the first OTT service in India.


YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. It was launched on 14 February 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. It is owned by Google, and is the second most visited website after Google Search.

Big Flix

BIGFlix is ​​a 2008 movie on demand service owned by Reliance Entertainment. It is India’s first movie on demand service. It allows users to stream or download movies at any time. It generates its revenue from membership fees and does not rely on advertisements.

What is AFilmyHit? AFilmyHit site is legal or illegal?

AFilmyHitis an illegal torrent website from where you can download and watch all the latest and popular movies for free in your preferred language and you can also stream the movies online if you want.

Is it safe to download movies from AFilmyHit?

AFilmyHitThere is a pirated website that leaks movies online and there is a risk of malware and virus on such website. Watching or downloading movies online illegally is a crime, so it is not safe.

Can we harm mobile/laptop by downloading movies from AFilmyHit website?

AFilmyHitBeing a torrent website, it contains many unwanted viruses, which may inadvertently enter your mobile or laptop while downloading movies and harm your device.

Why does AFilmyHit keep changing its domain name frequently?

due to piracy restrictionsAFilmyHitHas to change his domain name frequently. By changing the domain name, the developers of pirated websites try to keep their website running smoothly.


In this article we have given information about AFilmyHit but we do not endorse any such site, this article is written for information only. According to the Indian Penal Code, piracy of any movie is a big crime, so watch this movie by subscribing only from the official website.

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