Bharath Kumar, A Hardcore Fan, Lost his life while Celebrating Ajith’s Thunivu Movie Release

With Thunivu and Varisu releasing today, January 11, 2023. The fans of both stars celebrated the release in front of theatres. One fan lost his life celebrating the Thunivu movie release. Bharath Kumar, a hardcore Ajith Kumar fan fell from the lorry during the celebration of the Thunivu movie release.

Bharath Kumar came with his friends to watch the Thunivu movie show at 1 AM.

This photo was taken Moments before Bharath Kumar Lost his life,

Moments before Bharath Kumar Lost his life

Bharath hopped on the lorry and started celebrating the release of the Thuniv movie in front of Rohini theatre. While dancing on the lorry, he accidentally fell from the vehicle and got severely injured. He broke his spinal cord and was immediately rushed to the emergency. But sadly, he passed away.

Bharath Kumar is said to be a hardcore fan of Ajith Kumar (AK). Fans from all over the world expressed their condolence to Bharath’s family and people close to him.

Source: PuthiyathalaimuraiTV

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