Unexpected Ways Your Auto Policy Could Become Null and Void

There are an estimated one million uninsured drivers on British roads, which contributes to the skyrocketing price of car insurance. You certainly believe that individuals who drive without insurance should be penalized, but did you realize that you may be driving uninsured without even realizing it? There are many reasons why your automobile insurance could not pay out in an emergency. Here are 10 unexpected ways you might be invalidating your auto insurance policy.

You’ve modified your car.

If you do not tell your insurer when you update your vehicle, your auto insurance may become void. This doesn’t only apply to obvious things like expanding your vehicle’s engine capacity; it might also apply to something as basic as installing alloy wheels.

Allowing your dog to roam freely inside the car

If you let your dog run around inside your vehicle, it will undoubtedly distract you from driving. If you have an accident, your dog might be blamed, and you will not get compensation from your insurance.

Being behind on your instalment plan

You must ensure that all of your vehicle insurance payments are current, since if you have one payment that is past due, your car insurance will be invalidated, even if you have made all of your payments since that one missed payment.

Letting your MOT lapse

If you fail to take your vehicle in for a MOT, you may lose your insurance coverage. A lack of a valid MOT will be seen by insurers as a signal that the vehicle is not roadworthy, which will violate the conditions of your motor vehicle insurance.

Using your automobile for commercial purposes

Some rules require you to read the fine print to determine what constitutes commercial usage and what does not. Some auto insurance policies will not cover you if you drive your own vehicle to a one-time business meeting. Some insurance packages will not even cover your everyday commute.

  1. Leaving your keys in your vehicle

Are you one of those persons who sometimes forgets to remove the keys from the ignition of their car? Even if you leave your car alone for a minute with the keys inside, you will be uninsured. Take your vehicle keys with you if you need to go back inside because you forgot anything.


If you drive friends to work in your vehicle and they pay you, be sure your insurance provider does not interpret this as a sign that you are operating a taxi service. If you start making any money through vehicle sharing, your automobile insurance may become void.

  1. Failure to obey traffic signs

If you disregard road signs indicating that a road is closed or unsuitable for motor vehicles, don’t ignore the warnings. Even though the road seems to be in good condition, if you have an accident, your insurance will not reimburse you if there was a sign warning you not to travel there.

Beginning a new job

If you earn a job promotion or move jobs, be cautious. Different occupations are thought to have varying degrees of risk, therefore your work title may influence your insurance prices. If you do not notify your insurance provider when you move jobs, they may refuse to pay out when you need them.

Failure to disclos a specified driver’s driving history

If you add a named driver to your vehicle insurance policy, you must reveal facts about any previous incidents. Failure to inform your insurance provider about the past of a named driver may result in you being unable to drive your vehicle.

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