Amazon daily fz coins quiz answers 16th December 2022

Amazon daily fz coins quiz answers today: 16th December 2022

Amazon Daily Coins quiz answers for today’s quiz are down here to copy. 16th December 2022 Amazon daily quiz winner will receive 20 FunZone Coins. The Amazon daily quiz for fz coins starts on 16th December 2022, 12:00 am (00:00 hours) and conclude on 16th December 2022, 11:59 pm (23:59 hours).

Daily Coins Amazon quiz are basically mcq (multiple choice questions) based on tech, geography, geopolitics and general knowledge. Amazon daily quizzes are not so hard and most of the time doesn’t require any analytical or technical knowledge. Also, there is no need to implement any logical reasoning skills in order to solve the Amazon daily funzone coins quiz. Moreever, these quizzes are easy to find all across the google. Here, you can freely get all Daily Coins Amazon quiz questions with verified answers by our subject expert team.

Know more about Amazon Daily Coins Quiz Contest:

Total Questions: 5
Winning Prize:  20 FunZone Coins
Organizer:  Amazon’s Official App
Contest Commence:  16th December 2022 (All Day)
Social media tag:  #DailyCoinsQuiz
Quiz Results: 16th December2022

Q. How do I get to know whether I won the Amazon quiz or not?
The winner of Amazon daily quiz will be announced immediately on same day. You’ll get to know if you are the winner.

Amazon Daily Coins Quiz Answers Win 20 FZ Coins 

Q1 – How many times can 5 go in to 15?

Answer 1 (C) – 3

Q2 – Where do you get sugar from?

Answer 2 (D) – Sugarcane

Q3 – Which is the closest star to the Earth?

Answer 3 (C) – The Sun

Q4 – What colors are the spots on a common ladybug?

Answer 4 (B) – Black

Q5 – What is the group of stars called that form an imaginary picture?

Answer 5 (C) – Constellation

Steps to participate in Daily Coins Amazon daily Quiz

  1. Open Amazon India Shopping App
  2. Click on three horizontal lines, present at bottom left of app
  3. After clicking 3 lines on amazon app, you will be taken to another page
  4. Here, you will see a grid of 3 tiles
  5. Scroll down a little bit
  6. Rightmost tile in third row is FunZone & Inspiration
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Under funzone section of Amazon app you can choose Amazon Live or FunZone, you can go with FunZone in order to participate in Amazon daily FunZone Quiz to win exciting prizes. Enjoy the quiz and even if you fail to win FZ coins this time, always remember you are learning and boosting your general knowledge through Amazon daily Quiz.

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