The Story Sinks Again! ‘Bhediya’ Acting Only On VFX Is Strong! 2022

Bhediya Review in Hindi:

Bhediya Movie Review

Bhediya is a gripping tale of two friends who turn into enemies. The story is set in the backdrop of the struggle for independence in India.

The movie has some excellent performances by the lead actors. The music is also very good. Overall, the movie is well worth a watch.

The Bhediya movie review is a great way to learn about the film and its many themes. The film is set in India and follows the story of a young woman named Sugriva. The film explores the theme of love and loss, and how these two things can affect a person’s life. The film is a great example of how a simple story can be so powerful and moving. The Bhediya movie review is a great way to learn about the film and its many themes.

Horror and comedy films have always had a niche audience in the Hindi film industry, which is driving such films, but horror-comedy combination cinema is not much to be seen in Bollywood.

After a few films like ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ and ‘Go Goa Gone’, Amar Kaushik proved to be the filmmaker who delivered superhit horror-comedy in ‘Stree’ and now he is the only one to do horror and comedy with Varun Dhawan. Kriti Sanon. Has brought a ‘wolf’ painted in the colors of After ‘Laxmmi’, ‘Roohi’, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ and ‘Bhoot Police’, audiences have developed an understanding about the mix of fear and humour, keeping that in mind, Amar Kaushik weaves the story of his film. are and accept.

Story of ‘Bhediya’ (Bhediya Review)

Bhediya Review: The story of the film ‘Bhediya’ is of Bhaskar, a resident of Delhi. He works for Bagga (Saurabh Shukla) and reaches Arunachal Pradesh to build a road with his cousin Janardan (Abhishek Banerjee) only on Bagga’s insistence. Here he meets Jomin (Pauline Kabak) and Panda (Deepak Dobriyal).

Both help Bhaskar. But the tribals of the forest are not ready to leave their land and cut trees. No no, there is nothing like ‘Kantara’ here. Bhaskar continues his efforts and one day while returning he is attacked. The matter reaches to the veterinarian Anika (Kriti Sanon) and from here comes the twist in the tale of the real ‘wolf’.

Bhaskar Poonam’s Raat turns into a wolf in the film ‘Bhediya’ just as the hero of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1992 film ‘Junoon’ turns into a beast. This one film sealed the career of Rahul Roy who became a star with ‘Aashiqui’. Nothing similar is going to happen with Varun Dhawan but the story of ‘Bhediya’ is very similar to ‘Junoon’. The whole matter is related to saving the forest and land here. Bhaskar believes that everything in life is money and money can buy everything. This thinking of his character does not allow Varun Dhawan to become a hero.

Bhediya Review: These shortcomings remained in the film

Filmmakers have always considered combining horror and comedy to be risky, which is why limited films are seen in this genre, but director Amar Kaushik of ‘Stree’ and ‘Bala’ pulls it off. Although the first half of the film is a bit slow, after the interval the film picks up the pace.

The pre-climax of the film also seems a bit drawn out. Some questions remain unanswered. Before watching the film, it seemed that it might not prove to be a cheap copy of the werewolf films so far, but its powerful VFX puts an end to the apprehension.

Bhediya Review: An attempt to inject laughter and fear into the film

Varun’s transformation from human to wolf is effective. The director has managed to connect it with the forests of Arunachal. Apart from the VFX of the film, its cinematography is also its strong point. The beauty of Arunachal, the mystical forest and the milky moon of Poonam prove to be a visual treat through the lens of Jishnu Bhattacharjee’s camera. The film has issues of social concern along with humor and horror. Like destruction of nature in the name of progress, discrimination against the people of North-East, not considering Arunachal as a part of the country etc.

Writer Niren Bhatt’s dialogues like ‘In today’s era, who cares about nature, kept the utensils for us. There is nature in the balcony.’, ‘No problem brother, what is a kill for you, it is dinner for them (animals)’ or Shehnaaz Gill’s world famous dialogue, ‘So what should I die for?’ Thought provoking as well as funny.

The music of the film is composed by Sachin-Jigar while the lyrics are penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. In which songs like ‘Jungle Mein Kand Ho Gaya’ and ‘Baaki Sab Theek Thak Hai’ have become good. Songs like ‘Chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai’ are also threaded in the film in a very light-hearted manner.

Bhediya Review: Not less in terms of acting

Bhediya Review: The film is no less even in terms of acting. Varun manages to strike a balance between humor and horror in both Bhaskar and Bhiye. There was every possibility of his character going overboard, but he did not allow his character to be dramatized at all. After films like Badlapur, Sui Dhaaga and October, Varun takes it a notch higher as an actor in this film. Kriti Sanon suits her different roles and looks.

Abhishek Banerjee and Deepak Dobriyal have got a lot of screen space in the film and both these actors have completed the dose of comedy on the basis of their performances. Abhishek’s comic timing is good. Pauline Kabak as Jomin is innocent and sweet and delivers lots of comedy. The connection with the woman is also shown at the end of the film.

Bhediya Review: Music

The music of the film fits the pace of the film. The story moves forward and you enjoy the songs. Sachin Jigar has done a decent job in the music department.

Bhediya Review: Direction

Amar Kaushik has directed the film well..he holds the film…comic punch is the life of the film…which comes every short time…Varun Dhawan Shehnaz Gill’s dialogue in the film he says…main koi There is no feeling… and it is going to touch the hearts of Shahnaz’s fans. Overall you can enjoy Bhediya in 3D…Enjoy…You will also be entertained and walk out of the theater with something from the movie.

What is the story of the film Bhediya?

After being bitten by a wolf in the jungles of Arunachal, Bhaskar finds himself transformed. As Bhaskar begins to transform into a shape-shifting werewolf, he and his friends search for answers amidst many twists, turns and laughs.

Bhediya hit or flop?

The film collected Rs. Collected 6 – 7 crore rupees. Later it remained stable.

Who is the director of the Bhediya movie?

Amar Kaushik – is the director of Bhediya.

Kaushik -

Amar Kaushik

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