‘Leaked Videos’: Viral Girl Who Shared CU MMS For Money, Protest Status, & More

Chandigarh University incident shook the nation, after the allegations over objectional videos of college girls leaked by a hosteller girl. A 23-year-old girl from Shimla leaked private videos of her hostel mates for money. The ghastly incident happened yesterday and Chandigarh University students held a protest after alleged ‘leaked videos‘ of women students went viral.

Watch the video of the girl student of Chandigarh University who made the private videos of more than 60 girls staying in a hostel.

According to reports, the accused girl who pursuing her graduation at Chandigarh University were recorded videos of 60 girls while they taking bath. She sent it to a young man who helps her to earn more money.

The guy who was involved in leaking 60 girls’ private MMS videos is revealed. This shameful incident left the reputation of women who follow feminism. The College students were protesting against the campus and fighting for justice. After the incident, many parents have taken their children back home for some time. The college management has released a notice of one-week leave to resolve this issue.

As a result, some girls receive threatening calls from foreign countries about videos. While 8 girls attempted suicide, in that, 2 were in critical condition, and one was dead. The University is located in Mohali, Punjab. CU students are blaming management and police for suppressing the matter, the girls are protesting continuously for justice.

Here are the netizens’ reactions to CU MMS Case and protest,

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