Breaking Marvel Had Multiple Meetings With Guillermo Del Toro To Join The MCU News And Update

Marvel Studios had another meeting with Galmore del Toro, and this time it was for Doctor Strange and it somehow involved Neil Gaiman and both of them working with Marvel Studios. So before we get to the modern day conversation that obviously there was between Marvel Studios, Neil Gaiman and Gilmore del Toro, we got to go back to 2009 to 2011 Ish when Marvel Studios did not own the Hulk film rights. Their solution was going to be a TV series based on the Hulk. This was in development and originally Galmore del Toro. Was involved with the character he was going to be using, animatronics and what Gilmore de Toro was best known for, and that whole Jekyll and mister Hyde type of thing and producing a Hulk TV series.

That thing ended up falling apart. Obviously, as we found out recently due to a interview that Neil Gaiman had, he addressed some of the relationships he had with, well, Marvel Studios as a whole, but also some of the other people. And he talks how back in the day there was conversations for various projects. And one thing that’s happened multiple times during the course of the Marvel Studios existence is director GAIL Moore del Toro pitching Doctor Strange and other concepts to them. And it dates as far back as 2007 the first time Gilmo met with them and pitched them Doctor Strange. And it would obviously be these conversations that would lead him to continue to talk to marble.

Breaking Marvel Had Multiple Meetings With Guillermo del Toro to join the MCU News and Update

Then he would go on to work on Hulk. Then that thing would fall apart because of the TV division. So you can see that there was a lot going on with Marvel Studios and them trying to get galmo for multiple things. Now of course Del Toro already has some connective, you know, work experience with marble. Considering he worked on the Blade franchise and he has had conversations with Marvel Studios multiple times, the one thing we’ve heard is that there was talk, I guess. But again, this is coming from. Scoopers and sources that he could be attached to something down the road. The only thing I could see him involved with would be like Midnight Suns man thing or Ghost Rider.

Outside of that, I don’t think you give him anything more superheroic. He does the best when he’s contained to a. World, that’s not exactly normal. Does that make sense for Gilmo del Toro? Like he always does the abstract, weird creature type of things, which is exactly why he’s my favourite director of all time. He has a unique vision and approach to everything, which makes me think that at some point they’re going to find a project for him. I think werewolf by night would have been perfect for him, but again, somebody else landed that, so maybe somewhere down the road they can lock him in, but it’s pretty good to see that. He’s interested in Doctor Strange because that’s just weird enough that it works for him.

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