Breaking Wonder Woman Has A Major DCEU Comeback In 2023 News And Update

There’s been rumours, speculation, and all sorts of things said about the future of Wonder Woman in the DC EU, and truthfully, we have no idea what the plans are for Wonder Woman three or appearances beyond her cameo in Shazam too. But as it turns out, that cameo might actually be an extensive supporting role. Ever since the production of Shazam fury of the Gods started, there was a rumour attached to literally at the hip of that film that Wonder Woman would have a role in it. And we didn’t know exactly if this was sort of just, you know, out there as a rumour or if there was any truth to it up until the director sort of leaned into it and then Gal Gadot teased it and then Zachary Levi teased it.

So we all kind of assumed. Ok, it’s definitely gonna happen. We’ve heard that there were some screenings of Shazam, two that did officially have her in it, but we didn’t know the extent of it. Recent reports are stating that her return is explosive, AKA she has a pretty prominent role in the third act of the film, apparently, and it would be helping Shazam because they’re forming a new Justice League. But not only that but she’s directly tied into the villains of the film, which kind of makes sense. It’s the whole God’s angle, and the film is called fury of the gods. But at the same time, we’re hearing that whatever role she has in this film isn’t just going to be, oh, she shows up in the third act.

It might actually be involved in terms of the plot from the very beginning of the film. So, you know, she would somehow be connected to these villains and then have some sort of role that plays into whatever happens during the middle act, and then she shows up in the third. Act 4 Whatever this action-packed Explosive Final Act is, which more than likely involves some sort of mind-controlling laser in the sky or God’s being unleashed on earth from an evil curse you in the typical comic book stuff that deals with ancient gods and curses or whatever which cool whatever. It’s just good to kind of have an update on Wonder Woman in a more modern setting because her solo films being prequels and her only having a small supporting.

Going Justice League kind of feels like the character’s been wasted in my opinion, but I guess we’ll see if they handle her better in Shazam too.

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