News Avenger Secret Wars Will Be Directed By Ryan Coogler Of Black Panther Reportedly

Ever since the announcement of Avengers Secret Wars, people have been wondering and there’s been a lot of speculation on who exactly is going to direct the upcoming film. We of course know that the job of directing the setup film Avengers the King dynasty went to the director of Shang Shi and the legend of the 10 Rings. And the more you looked at that announcement, the more you realized it made sense because the director signed an overall deal with Marvel to develop multiple projects. So it’s not surprising that the other name that’s done the same thing is now rumored and by all accounts locked in to direct secret Wars. This being Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther, and the upcoming Black Panther Wakanda forever.

Just so most of you are aware of this whole situation, Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, or Marvel Studios never even officially confirmed that Avengers, the Kang Dynasty would in fact be directed by the director of Shanxi, AKA Dustin Daniel Create. They never confirmed that it’s just one of those things that’s out there, and they’ll confirm it on their own time. This, of course, was exactly how they handled the whole directing. The Avengers films, previously we would learn from the trades like Variety or Deadline, and then they would confirm it quickly, either when production was about to kick off or something like that.

So the fact that we keep hearing Ryan Kruger’s name brought up multiple times by multiple people now, even people connected to these big trades again, seems like it’s all but locked in up until Marvel Studios officially announces it themselves. Now of course, Ryan Coogler has been a fan favorite. For many people to direct an Avengers film for a long time, and when you consider that he delivered the first Black Panther to renowned success, Wakanda forever looks to keep up that tradition. He’s involved with Ironheart, he has an overall deal with Marvel Studios and Disney, and also he’s developing more spin-off projects.

Well, it definitely falls in line with what we saw with Dustin, like they’re keeping up that same style of hey. You signed an overall deal with us, you work with us. Guess what? We’re gonna treat you good by also giving you one of the most high profile projects because they already know how the specific director can handle so much at once. So this honestly in my opinion, is a good pick now doesn’t mean that they’re going to do something crazy with Black Panther in terms of that character essential to the story. No, I don’t think so. The reason people have that notion and preconceived.

You know, idea is because the Russo brothers came from directing Captain America as a throughline through all the Avenger films. Because also Joss Whedon said the same thing you have to do The Avengers from the point of view of Captain America. So in my opinion, you’re going to have Ryan Coogler directing this Avengers film, more than likely through Captain America again, AKA Sam Wilson being the central piece of it and connecting everything together. Which honestly, yeah, cougar is probably the best. And for the job.

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