The Entire Future Of DC Depends On Black Adam Movie

Somehow, I don’t think it’s a good idea to hinge on the entire future of your entire brand in one film. I mean, sure, it’s definitely no pressure for Black Adam, right? Yeah so let’s talk about this. The entire future of the DCEU and DC as a brand depends on. Black Adam. So we’ve already talked about the fact of how WB and WB Discovery more specifically had to delay multiple films, had to scrap film releases, or had completely change marketing tactics.

And how much they’re going to advertise certain films next year because they can’t afford it after losing 3 billion in debt and then another 20 billion off of market cap, losing actors and people willing to work with them. Losing partners, distributors, advertising and all that, things are pretty bleak. So naturally, you got to look to recoup the money and fast. So what we’re finding out is that essentially and you guys will see more of this when it comes to fiscal year reports over the next couple months and especially going into early next year. The entire future of the DC brand literally hinges on Black Adam Overperforming. And essentially what they’re talking about is it’s got to make back its entire budget, plus its advertising budget and whatever money extra it makes that goes towards actually being profitable.

Will 100 % be reinvested back into the two releases next year, meaning that the advertising, marketing and everything to promote Shazam and Aquaman solely lays on the shoulders? And is being held up by black Atom needing to be a huge success. Now again, we don’t know the official numbers, but Black Atom reportedly had a budget of about 185 million to 200000000 so let’s say one eighty five. That means that it needs to make triple that to actually show a pure profit. Now again, people will be confused how so let me quickly break it down for you a long time listeners.

I’m sorry, I know this is redundant. Whatever your budget is, you spend that much times half again. On marketing, which means they’re already sitting close to 450 million. Now again, you’re going to say, well, why does it need to make like 6 to 700 million to be profitable? Remember, theaters take 40 %, sometimes more. So if you make a hundred million dollars at a theater, you’re keeping 60 optimistically so again, they need to make a substantial amount of money on this from reports. Again, if the budgets are correct and what we’re hearing in terms of advertising, Black Adam will need to make about 750000000 worldwide to show profit.

So they can advertise their next two films without going into red. Let’s hope that the hierarchy can sustain this film and also if the rock doesn’t manage to sell 750000000 rest in peace Shazam brand, because Shazam is going to be a jobber in Black Adam .

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