She-Hulk Actress Reveals Venom Role Offer & Being Glad She Said NO

With Marvel studio she Hulk conquering most of the nerd sphere with headlines today as the series is airing, it’s no surprise that we’re going to find out some juicy details in regards to what could have been. So this time it’s an update from Tatiana Mizani AKA Shihoko herself where she reveals that she’s super glad that she already turned down a marvel casting just a couple of years ago because it would have prevented her from being she Hulk that was joining the Venom franchise.

As she venom. I think most of you guys know how this works in Hollywood. You generally are trying to get jobs all across the board. You’re really trying to lock down some type of role, something that’s going to get you into a franchise that’s a reoccurring pattern that you can really get into and hopefully becomes a giant thing where you make more each subsequent sequel.

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Most people in Hollywood are after these types of roles because again, it’s guaranteed money, so. It’s kind of interesting to find out that at one point Tatiana was actually offered the role of she venom. She says that it was one of these things where she went in and she was trying to land marvel roles, and Sony came to her and you know, they offered her that role. Now, here’s the interesting part. She was not going to be playing Tom Hardy, Eddie Brock’s girlfriend, which was because that role was played by Vanessa Williams.

No, she would not have been that. She would have actually been cast as Venom’s girlfriend. Like the symbiotes girlfriend. She would have played the symbiote girlfriend like a symbiote. Right, like does that make sense? Like a she venom. But it’s the venom girlfriend. The symbio should have played a symbiote. Like probably voiced the symbiote. But not been the actual human one. So yeah, she reveals. She turned that down. It just wasn’t for her. And also that, well, that role was cut. So yeah. Yeah, what a bizarre why? Why, I mean. That’s kind of confusing, right? Like what? Raw would have. The symbiote girlfriend played in that first film. Where does that even come in? Like, what’s the point? Like, how does that even work? Would the Symbio have split itself? Would have been on the alien planet where they’re doing something else, like, it’s so confusing.

It’s just very interesting to think about this. Kind of just makes you wonder what the hell was going through Sonny’s head. But then again, watching those two films, you asked that a lot. So I guess it’s nothing new, but overall just another interesting piece of detail to add to the, you know? Back your brain. So when somebody brings up venom being OK? No, she Hulk almost played a symbiote version of she venom.A slimy gooey thing. Now you know, enjoy useless knowledge that I have in my head.

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