Updates Avengers The Kang Dynasty OFFICIALY Hires Writer & More

Well guys, we got some big news coming at us today courtesy of Deadline, as they have officially revealed who the writer of Avengers, the Kang Dynasty is. This happens to be the same person who wrote Ant-man and the wasp quantumania, and now that he’s officially been hired and will be starting work soon, this has just debunked every single scooper out there. It really wasn’t too long ago that Marvel Studios came out at San Diego Comic-Con and announced Avengers the Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars literally hours after it happened. Insiders I use, insiders in quotation Marks and scoopers, I use scoopers in quotation marks. We’re all out there already, talking about who the writers are, who’s attached to it, who’s coming back, who’s guaranteed.

To be in it, dropping big names of actors and characters because they had the inside scoop in regards to what’s going on now. I bring all this up because the deadline just revealed that Jeff Loveness is going to be doing the script, which he is set to start working on by the end of the year so they can get working on the production of the upcoming film and of course meet the release date of spring.

By the summer of 2025 Now I’ve seen some people say that this is a controversial pick because they’re already talking about it and there’s tons of buzz happening online now. I don’t get why nobody has seen Ant-man and the wasp quantumania, right? We don’t know. If it’s bad because some people perceive Ant-Man won and Ant-Man 2 to be bad films again, to each their own. But at the same time, what really confuses me here is the fact that people are concerned, but he’s literally writing the script. For the Kang dynasty after, he’s the one to fully explore Kang and Ant man and the wasp quantum mania, and he’s also worked on other projects, if you just look at his body of work that have literally dealt with high concept stuff.

So in my mind, they saw what he’s able to pull off and they got him back because they love what he’s been able to do with Kang and Quantum Mania and also they can keep that through line in terms of, well, consistent writing right honestly, I’m all up for it again. We don’t know if quantuMania is going to be good or bad. It could go either way, right? That’s how it is. But I’m excited by this because we’re going to have somebody that understands what they already did, what they can continue to do with Kang and how to, you know, twist it up and change things and really throw some curveballs in there with their own character that they’ve spent a lot of time working on.

And now they’re being handed the reins of an Avengers film if you fail on an Avengers home nobody’s gonna hire you in Hollywood again. You’re just gonna go, I don’t know, work with Chris Terrio? I guess so, yeah, he’s officially set to start working on the script, and then they’re gonna start shooting the thing. Which officially now. In case you realize what I said at the beginning has completely proven every single scoop out they’re wrong about this character is set to appear in the Kang Dynasty. How do you know this if the script isn’t even literally being written yet? Use your brain, guys.

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