Breaking Marvel’s Echo Trailer Teases Echo Phoenix Force Powers & Kingpins Fate

Marvel Studios showed off the first footage for the upcoming ECHO series, which of course would be focusing on the character we last saw in Hawkeye and her reuniting with Vincent Donofrio’s Kingpin. Now we got descriptions of what exactly happens in the trailer, and well, it connects to the comics, and Echo might just be showing that she’s got the Phoenix force. Ok, so before we get into this, I know a lot of people are automatically going to be mad because of the nature of reading the comics, and people don’t like to do that or don’t know or somebody’s misled them.

The Phoenix Force is not connected to Gene Ray exclusively. The Phoenix Force is a much bigger thing that’s been around since literally like the creation of the Marvel Universe. It’s been around forever. It’s gone through multiple people. It’s just mostly associated with the. Phoenix, due to the fact that Fox tried twice to do it in the films, failed both times. So naturally, yeah. In the comics, multiple people have had it, from Neymour to Colossus to even Cyclops. Another person that’s held it is Maya, AKA Echo. So as the description of the stuff that they’ve shown off at D twenty-three started to hit the net, there’s been a lot more people that are confirming some of the details, specifically Vincent Donofrio’s Kingpin in fact.

We’re going to be having his eyes covered as he’s blind or blinded temporarily. We don’t know if it’s both eyes or anything, nobody’s confirming all that, but they’re definitely leaning into that. And he does have bandages over both eyes, but some are saying it’s definitely only going to be like one eye is severely damaged, the other one he could still partially see out of. Again, we’ll see what happens, but what’s interesting though is as they continue to talk about the trailer, they revealed that there is a Shaw in it.

Where Maya is looking at her hands and they start to glow again. She does that in the comics. Specifically when she has the Phoenix force, so this could be a nod towards that or them leaning into her officially having powers. Now on top of this, another interesting factor that should be mentioned here is when she does have the Phoenix Force powers, she has the ability of a resurrection. So there’s some theory saying that maybe she somehow in the meantime ended up getting powers and she did actually kill Fisk, but she’s. Using resurrection to bring him back and torture him more and make him feel the pain that everybody’s gone through, which honestly would be an interesting angle to take, but despite people getting excited that she might have Phoenix Powers or something like that, I want to bring everybody down to a normal expectation level.

I’m going to assume that they’re going to do something with her powers that’s going to tie into some sort of ancient, Mystic, Marvel centric Native American lore they’ve been trying to bring more Native American. Characters into comics, they recently did it with the werewolf, so I think this might honestly just be a nod to the Phoenix Force, but they’re gonna go in a different direction. Give her a little bit more of a power boost to be able to have her compete with some of the others in the MCU, which I’m honestly cool with.

So I guess we’ll find out what actually happens when we watch echo, but it sounds like that they’re definitely doing some interesting stuff with her to kind of, I guess, make more people interested into what she has to offer her world and her character.

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