She-Hulk And Daredevil News Angers & Disappoints Fans With Episode Count Confirmation

We got some brand new info on she, Hulk, attorney at law, that relates to Daredevil specifically, in how many episodes is the character in? Well, you’re about to be disappointed if you believed all the insiders and scoopers telling you 3 episodes because he’s only a part of 1. So this comes at us directly from variety, who got to honestly set the record straight on Daredevil’s return. They interviewed Charlie Cox after D twenty-three, and they asked him about his approach to the character, what he’s going to be doing in the episodes, and just how impactful is his character on the story, and he says that well for him. It was awesome to be asked to come back in this and that despite what other people have said and some of the things that have been stated online that he’s seen.

Daredevil is only going to be in one episode and he is, as he said before as he told other outlets, going to be playing the character slightly differently. And he did highlight in this interview that the fact that we’re seeing him in this as opposed to something like. Spiderman or the Daredevil series or anything that’s come before that. This is going to be radically different because of the shift in tone to the TV series that he’s a part of now this sounds like standard fare right? It’s a TV series from the point of view of she Hulk.

So when she’s breaking the fourth wall or them to our talking, she turns to the camera and says something, yeah, that’s different than anything that’s been done before with Daredevil, especially this iteration because well, that’s never been done before. And again, him confirming its one episode is I guess kind of expected. I know many people were dead set on three episodes, but that wouldn’t honestly make sense with the way the series is shaping up, especially saving him for the final three or whatever. So again, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next and what they do with him and to where they leave the character off for Echo and Daredevil born again.

And if they’re say, hey, maybe you’ll appear in my show Jen type of deal, right? But I’m honestly excited one episode is better than none. I know people are already going to be real mad and saying, oh, they wasted their time watching how many other episodes to get to Daredevil. It’s not his show. So the fact you wasted that time and still keep coming back every episode, I guess says more about the show. But hey, you’re getting Daredevil.

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