Some Unexpected News The Batman Spin-off Film & BatVerse Expanding Further

Well, guys, it’s time to talk about some unexpected news that just hit us as Matt Reeves of bat verse is expanding with a brand new director tackling a project set in that same universe based on another unnamed character. It’s really an interesting time over at WB Discovery when it comes to the DC brand, the core DCEU is honestly taking steps back as we’ve seen over the last couple of months by cancelling projects and things connected to it. And The CW side is doing the same thing along with all TV. But the bat verse which was started by Matt Reeves is growing considerably because we know that.

The Batman sequel was happening, multiple spin-off TV projects are happening, and of course, now we found out thanks to a director talking about his brand new film barbarian director Zach Krieger just recently revealed that he is working with WB Discovery, and he revealed this to the Bloody digesting Boo cast who covers everything. Horror that he’s wrote something that he’s absolutely in love with and. Obsessed with and it’s a Batman spin-off and that’s what he’s currently actively working on with them now again, we have very little info and details on what exactly is going to be going on here and what character this could relate to.

There is some speculation that this might be connected to Catwoman, but again, we don’t know because that was supposed to allegedly become a TV series. Then they might have shifted, you know, ideas all around and make it something completely different. Its own standalone film. There’s rumors that could also be expanding into Robin Slash Nightwing for the Batman universe. Again, nothing we know of, but since he does have that new film barbarian, which is horror, a lot of people think this could lean into the horror aspects of it. Which honestly would make sense, especially being set in the bat verse, which honestly seems to be going way more in a, well horror feel in general and it doesn’t look like they’re going to lean too far.

Into the comic book craziness and go even further into grounding everything. So it’s pretty exciting that honestly, Matt Reeves has managed to set up a universe that seems like within the next three to four years is going to be releasing content every year. Movies and TV shows. I mean, I’m pretty excited. I’m not going to lie.

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