BREAKING First Look At The Werewolf By Night Special Coming At Us Really Soon

We just got our first look at the werewolf by night special coming at us really soon, and it didn’t take long for us to get our first look at what the coloured versions of the characters from the actual special look like. So let’s talk about Manthang and the werewolf himself. So this comes at us thanks to Disney having a new piece of art that’s all about what’s going on at Disney.

So first and foremost, all let’s talk about the man thing here, which obviously gives us an indication of what the character will look like when there’s actually color applied to him and not just the black and white footage we saw. And honestly, it’s through and through all men thing, there’s literally nothing. Different here about the character from the comics. Like it’s very faithful, very creepy looking.

He essentially looks exactly how you would expect him to look without any liberties being taken, which I think is awesome. Now Next up we got the werewolf, and werewolf looks 100 % accurate to their comic as well. Like they are not messing around with anything here. Now I know some people are going to point out that he doesn’t necessarily look like. A werewolf. You know your traditional more modern lichens if you will, but if you go back to the old comics this is 100 % spot on to the werewolf by night. Like I am 100 % talking about comic-accurate Jack Russell with the pants and everything. So they did perfect.

In my opinion. They could still introduce different likens down the road to change what they look like and all that, which I honestly think they will once they get a little bit more modern. Start putting in different, you know, factions of werewolves and everything into the MCU. But here he looks just about as perfect as I would have always dreamed that the werewolf by night would look like, you know, live action, which I never thought we would actually get. Overall, I think everything looks great. Where we’ll find I can’t wait, October seventh is almost here. We get the special. We’re probably going to get a little bit more info on what exactly happens with the character after, you know? We see him in the series and where they go next, and it would not surprise me if they announced by the end of this that the character is going to show up in like future seasons of Moon Knight or something like that, or maybe even announced the Midnight Suns.

Then overall everything’s looking good. It looks like the. Universal Monsterverse has been beaten to the punch. Which boy? I didn’t take long, huh? So things are looking good. Cannot wait. A character so good in color. I’m hyped.

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