Did She-Hulk Make Agents Of SHIELD Non-Canon & More

Is it Canon to the MCU? Is a question frequently brought up when we start talking about Marvel TV, produced by Marvel Entertainment? Because, again, that was a whole separate division from Marvel Studios. So let’s talk about the abomination and why many people believe the events of the Hulk and what happens with the abomination. Completely decanonized agents of shield. So I waited a bit of time just to see if they would ever actually address this whole scenario when it comes to Marvel Studios and what happens with abomination.

But I guess they’re never really going to. But essentially, ever since Marvel Studios and, Hulk, revealed that Emile Blonsky, AKA Abomination, was locked up by damage control, people believe that. What happened? And agents of SHIELD now completely make that series non-Canon once again. Now in case, you missed this, because again, it’s been quite a long time. Back when agents of SHIELD first hit TV, there was this whole thing called the rising tide, which was normal. People exposing the superheroes exist among us and that was a whole story and they were going to be doing kind of like the freak of the week deal and all that.

And it featured actual clips from other movies in the. And see you at the time. And they specifically featured clips of abomination and the whole thing that happened. But there’s a specific line in agents of SHIELD where Agent Coulson mentions that abomination was put on ice. He reveals that abomination is in Alaska and that he is inside of a containment cell, a cryo cell, AKA he’s been well put, the cryo sleep if you will. So yeah. They put him in the fridge, which we saw in episode three of the first season. Now this is where agents of SHIELD would reveal that they also put other higher security threats.

But here’s what’s more important here, because people are only looking at the line from she Hulk and ignoring the fact that when the Hydra uprising happens, the fridge was raided and effectively the facility was shut down and every dangerous asset was transferred. Elsewhere to be kept under control now, as we also learned, the Department of Damage Control really comes into the forefront after the events of The Avengers, and they start setting up that in the one shot.

So again, it’s a very real possibility that Emil was literally on ice in the fridge, but when everything happened, the move of assets was acquired by damage control and they literally picked up everything. And we literally see that in Spiderman homecoming when we see one of their facilities where they just have all sorts of things and you can tell in she Hulk that they’re using a lot of technology that we’ve seen elsewhere. So I don’t think it makes it non Canon. I just think for lack of a better term, he’s been well spent the majority of his time, literally.

In the Department of Damage Controls Hands and not the fridge, because in the fridge it was literally like a blink of an eye to him because he was frozen.

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