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Charlie Cox, AKA Daredevil himself, has confirmed what was previously mentioned by Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, and offers up his own update. Daredevil born again is season one and not season four of Daredevil. In May, I ended up making a video talking about the fact that Daredevil, when he comes back to the MCU with a new series, it will not be Daredevil season four. And it can’t be Daredevil season four. And I specifically talked about why, and a lot of people were angry at me saying, well, that’s not right. Then I explained in that video why it can’t be the season. Four, well, we finally arrived at it after Marvel Studios last month confirmed that Daredevil born again is a thing, and Kevin Feige said it’s season one, not season four charlie cox at D twenty-three was interviewed in regards to the future of Daredevil, and he said that the key to what Kevin Feige said is all true, he said.

And I quote, it’s a season one. It is not a season four, so it’s a whole new thing. Now, again, I want people to understand what he’s saying. You can’t have a season 4. It just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t work. There’s so much that goes along with this that we could be here for an hour explaining this. What they’re trying to tell you is that Daredevil born again, has that name, has the new logo, and it’s its own thing essentially they want people to understand that if you just watch born again, you’re fine.

You don’t need additional supplemental things, right outside stuff and whatever they decide to bring in and mention if they do. Well, they’re going to have to catch you up on what exactly is going on with the 18 episodes. So again, people should be ready to just kind of accept that, yeah, this isn’t in fact going to be season 4. You don’t need to make anybody watch any of the old stuff. You don’t even need to watch it yourself if you haven’t seen it. I recommend you do. But again, it’s because this is season one. No, season four, understand that. And also for those that want to watch the old video I made in May, go check it out.

I will make sure it’s all linked up above and you guys can click it and watch it. And I kind of explain some of my thinking there and some of the well-rational reasoning why I said that back then.

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