Marvel Studios Demanded Daredevil Return In She-Hulk Revealed

When it comes to Marvel Studios using characters we’ve seen on the TV side of things that they weren’t involved with, that was all part of the Marvel Entertainment brand. We know that they’ve been playing very carefully with their choice of words and demands when they talk to the writers of the shows that are going to include them, from Hawkeye to she Hulk. But now we get a little bit more details in regards to what Marvel Studios demanded had to involve Daredevil when he came to Shiho. So this info comes at us from Jessica Gao who got to sit down with a Lifehacker and talk a little bit about Daredevil and being allowed to include the character in Shiho.

Marvel Studios giving them the go-ahead to write Daredevil in there

And she talks a little bit about the initial inception. And of course Marvel Studios giving them the go-ahead to write Daredevil in there, which they found shocking that they were even allowed to do this because again, there was still that weird state of flux. Where not everybody knew what was going on, there was licensing things, and even whether they could use elements of the old show was still in doubt. Because again, we just don’t know what could have been stuck with certain people and rights and contracts that were negotiated, which now we know doesn’t really affect anything because Disney regained it all back once they put it all on Disney.

Plus she did reveal that when it came to using Daredevil. Whatever they pitched more or less Marvel Studios and Kevin why? He told them that’s cool, try it, try it. But the one thing they were just dead. Stop told no, don’t do that is when writing about his suit or what suit he’s going to have. Do not use the old suit. Whatever you do, whatever the new suit is, it has to be the yellow and red.

That was their only demand. They could play around with different emotional sides, with different aspects of Daredevil’s personality, with a different tone. They could do whatever they wanted, try it all out. The one thing that you have to do is make sure it’s the yellow and red suit, no excuses, and it kind of makes sense. I don’t think they would want to use the same suit that they had previously.

Again, it’s very similar to it. I did compare it. I compared it in two videos, a little bit more in depth on the helmet. The second one, I’ll have one-on-one pop up up there, but again, it makes sense to me, if not just for differentiating the look in terms of, oh look, it’s clearly the same, but the suit’s been upgraded like every other MCU suit also, probably for merchandising.

Let’s be real. That’s what it’s all about. They’re going to release new action figures and new hot toy and all that, and it’s going to be pretty big. So it kind of makes sense to me and it’s just kind of surprising that that’s the only demand they had. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s the same suit, just different colors. I mean, usually they tell you a little bit more like, hey, don’t ever mention this or don’t do that, but it’s good to see here was only to suits. That was kind of the must have.

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