Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania First Trailer Release Date, Cast, Story

It looks like a big blowout for Ant-man quantumania is set for D twenty-three, at least according to people reporting on what we can expect. And this is going to include way more than just showing off the first poster, which we already saw recently when it came to San Diego Comic-Con. So Ant-man and the wasp quantum mania is the first film after Black Panther Wakanda forever, and it is officially the kickoff to phase five.

Screenshotter YouTube Ant MantheWaspQuantumania2023TrailerLeakedKangKilledAvengersExplainedInHindi 108 1 Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania First Trailer Release date, Cast, story

Now, naturally, a lot of expectations are riding on this film in terms of fan expectations because it is going to further explore the quantum realm and what’s possible, but also it’s going to be a full unhinged Kang the Conqueror. Setting up Avengers the King dynasty, so we thought that we weren’t honestly gonna get anything up until Black Panther Wakanda forever where the teaser would be attached to it, but it sounds like we might just be getting more than we expected. Rumours are character posters, confirmations of the casting first to look at Modoc on top of first footage publicly being released of Kang the Conqueror and what he looks like, and a teaser trailer.

Now, there is some speculation that the teaser might be a full-on trailer. Again, we don’t really know. This is one of those. Take this as a rumour, because you can expect a blowout on the TV series. But quantum mania, that’s a big question mark because you just don’t know how far are they in post-production, considering that the films released got bumped from next summer into the early part of the year.

Screenshotter YouTube Ant MantheWaspQuantumania2023TrailerLeakedKangKilledAvengersExplainedInHindi 049 2 Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania First Trailer Release date, Cast, story

So are they rushing it? What’s going on? How much do they want to reveal? Do they want to spoil elements of what happens with the, you know, this film that’s going to be setting up the entire phases five and six? I mean, you got to be careful with it. So again, I’m going into this weekend expecting the bare minimum on quantum mania. And if I get anything, I’m gonna be happy. So just because insiders and scoopers are claiming it’s going to happen, don’t believe it on this one. Focus more on the likelihood of only D 23 being focused on the streaming stuff and you won’t be disappointed.

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