John Boyega Cast As Nova In MCU Fantastic Four New Reports & Reveal At D23?

According to multiple reports, during the last year, John Boyega was meeting with Marvel Studios and had officially joined an MCU project, possibly playing the character of Nova. Now the actor sets the record straight. I went back and checked how far the John Boyega joining Marvel Studios rumours go and believe it or not, they predate Star Wars The Force Awakens release. So naturally, the moment he joined the Disney camp Scoopers were out there stating, oh, he’s going to be joining the MCU.

Funny enough, some of these same scoopers still saying this today were the ones saying it back then. They’ve been at this for some six-seven years now with john boyega. And joining the MCU and possibly playing Nova. While recently in an interview, John was actually asked about this and if he could address the rumours and the casting and speak with men’s health, he said no, no, I haven’t joined the MCU. It’s not for me. It’s not part of my vision and that’s not it. I’m not in it. Well, there you go, straight from the man’s mouth except.

It’s not. Well, no. That’s what the Scoopers are saying that have been saying he’s been cast as Nova or whoever else. They’re saying he’s lying, which realistically he could be right. He could be. I mean, he said at one point that he was kind of like. Done with Disney. But then we’ve seen other people say that, like Oscar Isaac, who publicly blasted them, and then there he was playing Moon Knight.

So money talks. So maybe he has joined and they’re just keeping it a secret and they’re going to reveal it as part of a big blowout. Maybe he’s really not interested, but as he says, he’s interested in fresh new ideas because. He’s not interested in joining something where. It’s ongoing and you’re always trying to top the last thing and people are always judging you and all this and let’s be real, it’s going to continue to happen wherever he goes and whatever happens and whatever role he joins, so at this point.

I mean. He can’t possibly join a worse project than Pacific Rim two, so it could only be an uphill battle, right? But yeah, I trust him. I believe when he says I haven’t joined it, and I’m not interested that he’s legitimately saying that now. Things can always change. Remember, Michael Keaton multiple times said he was done as Batman and he would never come back. He didn’t care. And then he signed a giant contract that’s being botched up. But hey, he still came back and was willing to do it. So what I’m saying is John Boyega has clearly been cast as Caesar.

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