Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Trailer, Major Updates, Cast, Story More Set For D23

Ahead of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, we of course are getting the guardians of the Galaxy holiday special this winter. So let’s talk about all the expectations and what’s being rumored for D twenty-three. We’ve known for a while now that this fall slash winter we would be getting the guardians of the Galaxy holiday special. We don’t exactly know when they’re going to drop it.

Rumors have suggested it could drop right around Thanksgiving slash, maybe a couple of days after, all the way to right before Christmas. Again, we don’t have any idea, but it would make sense if it’s somewhere close to Christmas again, just by the nature that it’s the holiday special. Now this is supposed to be not a full film, but something like a 30 to 45-minute episode according to many. And it will of course be part of the continuity. And it’s meant to bridge the gap between the two films, AKA Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and three, but also incorporate some of the stuff that happens after they leave the planet in Avengers end and with the events of Thor Ragnarok playing out now, the big thing here that we heard.

Was that we will get the first trailer at D twenty-three, which honestly makes sense if it’s coming out this winter? But on top of this that they would reveal the rumoured big casting of the Big Bad slash potentially the I guess you could say antagonist of this piece which is rumored to be Santa Claus once again played by Mark Hamill. Those rumors have been going around for a while and especially when we start to hear that one of the most powerful mutants.

Would be in this, and in Marvel Comics, Santa is a mutant, so this might be it. So again, expect a lot of reveals related to this and quite a good amount of info, including the posters, the cast, and teasing a couple of surprises. Now the big thing here is going to be what happens with the big recent leak. Because again, spoiler alert if you don’t want to spoil quick off this video right now, but we know that Yondu is going to be in this because of the marketing that we need.So is he revealed or do they keep that a secret? Again, a lot of questions getting the answer this weekend.

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