She-Hulk Episode 4 Post Credit Scene Breakdown episode 4

Well, it is time to talk about the post-credit scene of the fourth episode and quite possibly some big implications in what exactly is going to be happening with Wong next, and maybe his strangely expanding level of friendship that involves some unexpected people. The Sorcerer Supreme finds himself being really good friends with somebody that doesn’t seem to have their life in order and goes out binge drinking just about every night it looks yeah, that’s that’s a whole subplot in the fourth episode of She-Hulk, which of course we will be discussing in the audio commentary, or this episode, which is available for members.

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Now, of course, let’s talk about what exactly this means. So throughout the episode we see that. Long is really trying to stress the importance of being careful with using magic, and in the episode him and Jen go to court and battle it out with one of the rejected Mystic artists who did not make it past a week in training. He’s got a sewing ring and he ends up in the early part of the episode using a woman from the crowd to try to show off what he can do sends her to another realm. And this of course brings us towards the actual episode conflict, the giant battle in the club he works at.

And it’s honestly pretty great to see that they’re having a little bit more fun with magic and Wong and you know some of the ramifications of it. This then brings us to the post credit scene where we see the Wong is actually now friends with this woman and they’re watching The Sopranos and while they’re doing this they’re discussing their favorite drinks and going to bars. Now, as we’ve seen, Wong frequents bars, he does karaoke, he’s friends with a lot of strange people, for better or for worse.

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So what he ends up doing is essentially befriending this woman that honestly, I don’t think anybody thought he was going to befriend at any point, and now he’s hanging out with her at comma Taj. They’re watching TV and he’s a, you know, I guess building out his friendship list, sash, maybe even a potential love interest. I don’t know, it’s a weird relationship there. I feel like they’re just friends, but some people are saying there.

It looks like there’s maybe a little bit more, but to me this is kind of cool. Just to see a little bit more of what exactly is going on with Wong’s personal life and how his relationships are different from Jens, which again in this episode a major focus was her trying to land dates and things like that. So overall I really enjoyed this, and I thought the post credit scene really worked to further expand Wong’s on, you know, unique status in the MCU. Especially somebody that’s willing to go out there, have a little bit more fun, despite being a sorcerer Supreme who, well, if you look at Doctor Strange, when he does something, it tries to be very by the book.Wong, not so much. He’s willing to have a little bit more fun.

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