What Is Neo Sculpting? Milena Ciciotti Drama Explained

What Is Neo Sculpting? Milena Ciciotti Drama Explained: Milena Ciciotti, beauty and lifestyle Youtuber has currently become a hot topic of discussion on the internet since she released a new video on the internet addressing the recent drama. Milena is one of the most well-known and renowned Youtubers, who gained huge popularity in the Youtube world. She is known for her creative and innovative videos on her channel. Recently, she gets into a drama when she lied about her neo-sculpting experience and mentioned all the accusations in her video. Several people want to know about Milena Ciciotti’s drama. In this article, we are going to explore the whole drama so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Milena Ciciotti Drama Explained

What Is Neo Sculpting?

Recently, Beauty and lifestyle Youtuber Milena Ciciotti has dropped a new video titled “The Lord is Doing Something” on her Youtube channel. In the video, she mentioned the recent allegations about her lying related to her experience in neo-sculpting. The Youtuber marked several verses from the bible mentioning the recent drama. She promoted in her videos and podcasts that everyone should love their natural bodies given by god. Although, a user of Reddit caught her red-handed and accused her of getting neo-sculpting treatments done with botox fillers.

Milena Ciciotti Drama Explained

Many people began to take down her content online, which caused extreme hatred. The Reddit user Lepihi6 shared a screenshot of a comment showing that the influencer is inconsistent with her advice. The user marked how she didn’t disclose the treatment in her body transformation video. The Youtuber has been accused of receiving a neo-sculpting when she advised against it. In the above procedure, the present fat in the body gets reduced, along with a person building more muscle mass at the same time.

As per the reports of Cosmetic Skin Clinic the treatment takes a mix of electromagnetic energy with radiofrequency energy. The treatment burns via fat using heat energy. Apart from being a highly transformational treatment, neo sculpting is a non-surgical treatment cleared by the FDA. Milena responded to the allegations and said, “There are times when I try to separate Milena in real life from Milena on YouTube.” She added that she wants to live freely as Milena and wants to do her own things in her own world. She is 25 years old and married to Jordan Ciciotti in 2017. She is currently expecting her third child. She is already a mother of two- Alethea Valentina and Ariel. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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