One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers Leaked On Twitter and Reddit

One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers Leaked On Twitter and Reddit: If you are a fan of the Japanese Manga series and looking to know the spoiler of the popular and hit series “One Piece Chapter 1040” then you are on the right blog. It is going to be a quite busy week and now the spoilers of the chapter are out. Continue to read to get the correct information about your favorite Japanese Manga series. In the previous chapter, Momonosuke could hear something calling his name out. In the meantime, Big Mom persisted her climactic battle with Law and Kid. All the credits go to their fantastic attacks, they were able to dish out chief impairment. Follow More Update On

One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1040 Spoilers Twitter and Reddit

In the final stages, finally, the Onigashima Raid is entering. One Piece Chapter 1040 does provide a critical update on these events. Sans a doubt, the community is going to explode with these chief revelations. From this point forward, it is going to be a wild rollercoaster full of hype. For those who are keen to know about the forthcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1040 (Leaked): “Words That Have No Effect On The New Generation”

Thanks to Redon from the Arlong Park Forums. The spoilers are fairly recent, which means readers will have to wait a few more days for comprehensive leaks. This blog will cover 2 major events within this chapter.

Big Mom Is Finally Defeated

In the previous chapter, Law used a combination of KROOM and Puncture Willie to extremely hurt Big Mom. These awakened moves were powerful sufficient to cause a giant crater on the Wano mainland. The kid also took advantage of the situation by hitting her with Damned Punk, an electromagnetic cannon.

Though One Piece Chapter 1040 discloses that she withstood these attacks, which speaks volumes to her durability. Prior to that, she can steal more lifespans around her (courtesy of her Soru Soru no Mi), Kid keeps shooting at her. Big Mom ends up failing via Onigashima when the floor tumbles.

Along the way, she ends up going through the arsenal where Yamato and Kazenbo fought. Big Mom takes both the vigorous demon and the explosives with her, causing a huge explosion once she lands in the crater. Prior to doing so, she thinks about why Roger never disclosed the true nature of One Piece.

Momonosuke Discloses What Happened To Zunesha 800 Years Ago

After Kid and Law are declared the conqueror of their fight, the scene transitions to Yamato and Momonosuke. It is disclosed that Zunesha must be pretty close. Yamato asks Momonosuke if that is the same elephant from the journal of Oden. Momonosuke discloses that Zunesha was Joy Boy’s former nakama, who seemingly committed an egregious crime 800 years ago. The nature of this crime has yet to be disclosed.

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