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Undekhi Web Series Download All Seasons 480p 720p HD: Undekhi begins in Sunderbans but soon shifts to Manali.

DSP Barun Ghosh (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) is investigating the Sunderban murder of a policeman, whose mutilated body is found in the forest. Two tribal girls are on the run and Ghosh, who suspects them to be the killers is on their trail.

Undekhi stars an ensemble cast including Harsh Chhaya as Papaji, Dibyendu Bhattacharya as DCP Ghosh, Ankur Rathee as Daman Atwal, Surya Sharma as Rinku, Anchal Singh as Teji Grewal, Abhishek Chauhan as Rishi, Ayn Zoya as Saloni, Apeksha Porwal as and Sayandeep Sengupta as Shashwat in the lead roles.

Undekhi Web Series Download All Seasons 480p 720p HD

Movie Name: Andekhi
Directed By: Ashish R. Shukla
Release Date: July 10, 2020
Size: 400 Mb

The web series starts with DCP Ghosh examining the mutilated body of his fellow police officer in the jungle of Sunderbans.

The culprits, in this case, are considered to be two runaway girls from a nearby tribal village, who are later introduced as Kanak (Apurva Soni) and Koyal (Apeksha Porwal).

On the other hand, Teji and Daman are getting married in Manali. However, things turn ugly when Daman’s father Papaji shoots Kanak during her dance performance.

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The whole incident gets recorded in the camera by the videographer of the wedding, Rishi. Later, Papaji’s beloved adopted son and gangster Rinku tries to clean up all the mess and get rid of every possible evidence.

However, Rishi becomes a threat to Papaji’s family when he tries to file a complaint to the police. The main plot of this Ashish R. Shukla directorial revolves around this incident and gets intense when Rinku takes drastic steps to save his Papaji while DCP Ghosh ends up in Manali, in search of Koyal and Kanak.

After the horrific murder of Kanak, Teji decides to cut ties with Daman and cancel their marriage, while Rinku forces her for the wedding by blackmailing her with her father’s past.

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Thus, Teji decides to take revenge from Rinku. On the other hand, things go havier when Rinku alleges Rishi of Kanak’s murder.

However, the person who repairs Rishi’s mobile phone finds a backup of the video shot by him and hands it over to his team which proves that he is innocent.

Later, because of Sonali, Rinku tries to shoot Rishi dead, but there’s no confirmation given about Rishi’s death, which might unveil in season 2.

Undekhi Web Series Download

By the end of the show, Koyal approaches DCP Ghosh and reveals why she murders the police officer in West Bengal and tells him that he used to molest young girls.

The web series ends with a cliff hanger which assures the audience the second season of Undekhi with Teji and Rinku being the central characters who embark on a journey to take each other’s lives.

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