What Does The Slang NGNTD mean? Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does The Slang NGNTD mean? Meaning Explained: What is NGNTD means? Is this a new trend or some new song or movie? Let’s dig deep into this article. Vietnamese TikTok users are quickly adopting the abbreviation NGNTD, which has gone viral on social media. According to the Vietnamese website Wowhay.com, the acronym was first used by a foreign account on January 22, 2022, and then by a large number of other netizens. It then made its way to TikTok, where it has since gone viral. Many people, though, are unsure what the initials stand for. So, here’s all you need to know about it, along with its definition from the Urban dictionary. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Slang NGNTD mean

What Does The Slang NGNTD mean?

The real meaning of NGNTD still bears conflict and is quite unsure what’s the exact meaning of this. Some references from Reddit, TikTok, and the Urban Dictionary itself claim something, some say nothing it’s just a word. According to Reddit, the initials have to do something with fornication, while some online sources claim it means good luck. No one has the exact meaning of it. The meaning is not aligning with one another, hence making its audiences hard to clear their head. Furthermore, even the full form of the initials is not clear. However, a Reddit user has termed it not gonna need to throw down while the TikTok comment section has a variety of progress for it.

What does the slang mean?

As we mentioned earlier, the slang NGNTD is scattered in multiple dimensions. Yet most probably think that the TikTok users use it to indicate something intimate. When u wanted to check the comments but it’s full of NGNTD but still enjoy it guyseu. NGNTD hashtags have already gained more than 60k views, and the number is increasing quickly. Since most TikTok comments claim that NGNTD is an Indonesian word referring to sex, it has to be that.

NGNTD Slang on text messging

The meaning of the slang NGNTD is described a couple of times before. But its meaning in the Urban Dictionary can confuse netizens even more. First of all, the Urban Dictionary does not carry meaning to any such acronym, but it does have something for the last three initials NTD. As per Urban Dictionary, the simple acronym has multiple meanings for multiple situations. Sometimes it might mean Not That deep, nothing to do, and sometimes no twerk December. Hence, there is no exact meaning to it.

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