Financial Education And The Invention Of Cryptocurrencies

The global economy has taken a great leap due to the intensive use of technology, leading to transcendental changes in our social relationships, such as e-commerce, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and E-wallets.

E-commerce & Fintech

Where commerce and services as well as financial activity, are mutating to “Fintech,” or “financial technology” in the development of economic and banking activities.

This has also permeated business activity and the managerial and administrative conception of traditional companies occurring to the so-called BUSINESS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

This transformation happens in organizations that think, learn, and are aware of the need for change and adaptation to the demands of an increasingly collaborative economy’s “global” environment.

In this way, the experiences accumulation, the learning that they have been able to store and transmit over time, and the ability to adapt to the environment have allowed us to evolve and grow in this civilizational transition.

Financial Education in Cryptocurrencies

Financial Education is the Key

The information and knowledge put at the service of households and families have become a scientific-technical development, where mass production becomes imperative to cover the growing tastes and preferences that the population demands in the form of goods and services, hand in hand with needs, enhanced by advertising.

Education becomes the basis for adopting changes, even more, when in the hands of the Blockchain, the internet changes to an internet of value.

The conception of money and the value of things are determined not necessarily by cost structures but by the needs of people.

This makes our educational work double because we must learn from new technologies that become means of payment, and at the same time, preserve the value of individual work and the capital of the company.

We live in a digital transformation based on learning and education as the cornerstone of the change of time that we have in front of us seen in this way.

Financial education is necessary for understanding and using cryptocurrencies in the digital economy, which opens the social knowledge of a new way of transferring dematerialized value when economic policy does not fulfill its function.

Blockchain & Crypto are Exciting Areas to Study

The development of technologies has impacted various sectors of human life.

The interest and needs of bitcoin users have led to considering Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a fascinating area of ​​opportunity to study. And if you ever wanted to start trading, try the bitqt.

Cryptocurrencies without the primary pedagogy of their operation tell us nothing considering incorporating concepts related to cryptocurrencies and complying with the training of professionals prepared for the demands of the current market, it is very feasible to achieve success.

It is necessary, then, for a financial education based on cryptocurrencies for the knowledge and use of bitcoin because, as already mentioned, the circulation and acceptance as a form of payment in various establishments are already on the way.

Hanna Schiuma, a specialist in knowledge economy and cryptocurrencies, spoke about education and financial inclusion, emphasizing her self-taught way of orienting the business towards the community: We have to build friendlier, closer products, build a community for people to adopt without fear.

We also have to give them the tools almost ready so that they do not have to train, but rather, get informed. Schiuma, co-founder of Women in Fintech and VP of Wealth & Community at Ank -fintech, thinks that we are still in the Jurassic of Crypto, and it is impossible to know what will prevail.


That is why financial education is essential in this new aspect of the digital economy, necessary to know what they are talking about and how to invest and earn with this technology.

Day by day, new knowledge is generated about this new digital world and how cryptocurrencies are positioning themselves to replace the traditional financial system, a subject that requires study and preparation.

The technological update and the studies will not work by themselves; learning a new digital financial scheme will open the doors to many to the desired success; it is only a matter of preparing and taking the next firm step without hesitation to achieve the desired objectives, as long as we do the respective analyzes and without involving emotions.

Let’s remember that emotions and finances should not play together.

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