Keemstar “EXPOSES” Youtuber For Ditching

SSSniperWolf Drama Explained: Keemstar “EXPOSES” Youtuber For Ditching: The YouTuber named SSSniper Wolf makes videos on gaming, discussion on latest trends, and pop culture on TikTok where she gives opinions on others and gives some suggestions to them. Her channel has over 30.6 million subscribers and posted 450 videos. She is now under fire after a mother blasted her online for canceling a meeting with her cancer-stricken daughter, Kiara. Follow More Update On

Sniper Wolf Drama Explained

SSSniperWolf Drama Explained

Kiara initially appeared on Adam 22 No Jumper podcast where she says that she was a huge fan of SSSniper Wolf with 30 million subscribers and known for gaming. That podcast host reached out to the YouTuber to contact Kiara’s mother. They two scheduled a meeting discussed the topic of how they get started, how they know all of that so that Kiara could meet her idol.

The messages between SSSniper Wolf and Kiara’s mother released

Keemstar wrote on Twitter and said they started the first meeting that was set up between them but did not take place. They both are struggling to find the name that would work for them. Kiara’s mother posted a story that announced that SSSniper Wolf would be video calling Kiara. She purposefully delete the story and worried about spam messages from fans. In the end, She claimed that her schedule is very busy and it would be difficult to find the time that would work for Kiara. She also wrote on the messages and say it publically:

You are aware that my daughter looks up to you. She cares about you. I’ve been following you throughout her cancer treatment for the past year. It would have been nice if you had just said hello. It’s okay, she’s dying and only has a few days to live. I was simply attempting to fulfill my daughter’s final wishes.

She continues saying

You shouldn’t have even contacted me because I could have told Kiara that we tried. I told you just message her and said you wanted to say hello, but instead, you ignored the dying ten-year-old girl for days. Everything is fine.

After reading this, the mother blocked SSSniper Wolf. Her followers start roasting on social media dropping down the comments on YouTube of roasting Wolf. Wolf confirm that she contacted the mother and sent the video. GoFoundme an organization that helps other people when they die and the donations that received they will give to their families. They also raised a campaign to cover medical bills and the amt. they raised is about over $38,612. Wolf also donated for the same.

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