Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Voting 2021 – Colors Marathi Vote Online

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Voting : Here in this article We are bring all the latest details for BBMarathi3 vote online, like how to voting, latest voting trends, Bigg Boss colors marathi vote this week etc.

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular Reality Shows in India. It’s a proud copy or let’s say the remake of the Original Netherlands TV Show which was commonly known as “Big Brother”. The game format itself is more interesting than any other and so it was dubbed in 150+ languages. However, The theme of the game is not changed overall.

Bigg Boss Marathi Voting
Bigg Boss Marathi Voting Online

Coming to Indian Reality shows, Bigg Boss is a well known popular Reality show in the north. Bigg Boss Hindi which had completed 10+ seasons paved a good way for more reality shows. Inspired by Hindi, The show has been aired in many languages i.e Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and now its time for Marathi Bigg Boss like Bigg Boss Hindi, Bigg Boss Tamil, Bigg Boss Telugu, Bigg Boss Malayalam, and Bigg Boss Kannada. Bigg Boss has made on the footprints of International TV Show Big Brother.

Marathi Bigg Boss Season 3 Voting Online 2021

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Voting

After Salman Announcing the Very First Season of Marathi, Mahesh Host the Season 2nd which was a Huge Hit. This lead Makers to Kick start the Season 3. So the curtains are up for season 3 as a teaser was released by Makers on their twitter handle. Season 3 Will be Aired from 19th Sept 2021. The Marathi Language mainly Spoken In India’s States of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Karnataka and to entertain this vast fan base Bigg Boss Marathi has been introduced. In Big Boss Marathi, contestants can only speak in Marathi language. No other language is allowed inside a house to interact with each other.bigg boss marathi voting

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Bigg Boss Marathi Voting | Google Online Voting | Voot Voting

Hello Friends You want to save your favorite contestant through Bigg Boss Marathi Vote and here’s each and every detail how you can do this. There are two options available for Bigg Boss Marathi Vote, either you can vote online, or you can do this through missed call procedure.

Bigg boss marathi Vote

Bigg boss marathi Vote

Here is the list of Housemates who are Nominated for this week. Step By Step Procedure For Bigg Boss Marathi Vote. As earlier mentioned there are two ways to Bigg Boss Marathi vote, You can vote online or through Missed call

Nominated Contestants This Week

This week there are 6 Contestants Nominated for Eviction for 3rd weekbigg boss marathi 3rd week vote


  1. Vishhal Nikam
  2. Trupti Desai
  3. Sneha Wagh
  4. Akshay Waghmare
  5. Santosh (Dadus) Chaudhary
  6. Surekha Kudachi

Bigg Boss Marathi Voting Poll

तुमच्या आवडत्या स्पर्धकाला वाचवण्यासाठी वोट करा

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote Through Voot Website

  • Step 1: To vote online you need to go to
  • Step 2: Signup, By Filling A Form or Use Quick Method Of Signing Up Through Google or Facebook.
  • Step 3:  Search Bigg Boss Marathi.
  • Step 4:  You will see the housemate’s pictures.
  • Step5:  Choose any of them and cast a vote.

Official Voting Link here : Click Now

व्हाट वेबसाइटद्वारे बिग बॉस मराठी मतदान

  • चरण 1: ऑनलाइन मतदान करण्यासाठी आपल्याला वर जाणे आवश्यक आहे.
  • चरण 2: साइन अप, फॉर्म भरून किंवा Google किंवा Facebook द्वारे साइन अप करण्याची द्रुत पद्धत वापरा.
  • पायरी 3: बिग बॉस मराठी शोधा.
  • पायरी 4: आपणास घरगुती चित्रांचे दिसेल.
  • चरण 5: त्यापैकी कोणताही निवडा आणि मत द्या.

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote Season 3 From Voot App

  • Go To Google Play Store. or Click here
  • Search “Voot” in Search Bar.
  • Download and Install the Voot Application.
  • Sign Up Through Google, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Now Search Bigg Boss Marathi Vote.
  • Then Select Your Favorite Candidate to vote and Press The Submit Button.

व्हॉट अॅपवरून बिग बॉस मराठी 3 मत

  • Google Play Store वर जा.
  • शोध बारमध्ये “वूट” शोधा.
  • Voot अनुप्रयोग डाउनलोड करा आणि स्थापित करा.
  • Google, Facebook किंवा Twitter द्वारे साइन अप करा.
  • बिग बॉस मराठी मत शोधा
  • मतदान करण्यासाठी आपल्या पसंतीचे उमेदवार निवडा आणि सबमिट बटण दाबा.

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote through Missed Call Procedure

  1. Note Down Your Favourite Contestant Voting Number
  2. Then Dial Number.
  3. now Give A Missed Call to that number and your vote will be counted.
  4. Only Your first missed call will be considered as a vote and all other missed call after the first one will be null and voided.

Note: You can Do vote anytime you want except from Saturday 12: AM to Sunday 12: AM.

मिस कॉल कॉलद्वारे बिग बॉस मराठी मतदान करा

  • आपल्या आवडत्या मतदानाच्या मतदान क्रमांकाची नोंद करा.
  • डायल नंबर.
  • त्या नंबरवर एक मिस्ड कॉल द्या आणि आपले मत मोजले जाईल.
  • केवळ आपला पहिला मिस्ड कॉल मत म्हणून मानला जाईल आणि नंतर इतर सर्व मिस्ड कॉल विचारात घेण्यात येईल. प्रथम एक शून्य असेल आणि आवाज उठविला जाईल.

टीप: शनिवारी 12: एएम ते रविवारी 12: एएम वगळता आपण कधीही मतदान करू शकता.

You can also watch Bigg Boss Marathi Voot Online too by going to OR from Download Voot Android App. All the Bigg Boss Marathi Episodes are available there to watch.

Bigg Boss Marathi Live has televised on Colors Marathi. Colors Marathi Known as Viacom 18 and ETV Network has owned ETV/Colors Marathi. Colors Marathi televised content that has done in the Marathi Language. This channel has been a part of a long chain of channels like Colors, Colors Tamil, Color Bangla, Color Gujarati and many more. You can watch Live Streaming of all episodes only on Colors Marathi.

Rules And Regulations

There are certain Rules and Regulations for the show which make it a success in other languages. Rules might be same in Marathi version too.

  • Everyone should speak in their own regional Language i.e Marathi
  • No one is allowed to break or damage the things in a house.
  • Alcholol is strictly Prohibited in the house. However, One can smoke in Smoking Room Only.
  • There are a lot of discussions between Bigg boss and contestants which should not be revealed to other Housemates.
  • One should not sleep during the day times.
  • One should participate in the tasks and works which was said by Bigg Boss.
  • No one right to scold and quarrel with others. In case of serious things, those housemates will be banned and are directly eliminated from the house without the elimination process.

The page will be updated more frequently with the latest day to day updates.I suggest subscribing to the notifications using the Bell Icon which is right on the screen. Let us know issues (If any) Through Comment or contact section.

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